Tuesday, September 21, 2010


It's been a rough few weeks around here - nothing bad, just hectic!  Work has been crazy-busy for me, making Tony a one-man housekeeper/dog lover/relaxer for a while.  We just got back from a whirlwind trip to Ohio (more on that later), in time for another looong week.

I sit here sweating as I type - since our air conditioning broke last week.  Thank goodness we have a home warranty, because that sucker is ex-pen-sive.  

On that same note - we are in a recession here in Georgia - AN AUTUMN RECESSION.  (and yes, I spent the majority of the day just waiting to put that clever little quip into writing...)

What the heck??  It was almost 100 degrees today.  

We got a mean tease of cooler temps, Claire got her fall decor out - and bam!  Sweating buckets.  Glad we have such a strong 18 year old  newly-deceased AC.

It should be 77 during the day!  Not at night!!! 

Regardless of Mother Nature's cooperation or not, I indeed did bust out the fall decor.  I love fall - it's no secret.  But my goal so far this year has been to "make do - buy nothing new" (see, this motto rhymes, making it cute and only semi-infuriating).

Besides, Tony did such a great job of packing it up for me last year.  Yes, he's available to address your wedding invitations, or write your thank you notes --- he's that good.

Here is my lackluster, pitiful attempt at drawing fall out from behind the freaking hot sun.

I even spraypainted pine cones, look at that. 

I didn't have the right color of candle- so I painted that too. 

 Take that Target, with your adorable autumnal displays.

I want to be crafty too this season -- but it's going to at least need to drop to 80 before I will be ready.    I will be ready to overshare on the internet as soon as it does.


  1. It looks great! When can I get an appointment with you to help ME decorate?? I don't think I have changed anything since we moved in after our wedding (4 years ago)!!!! :)

  2. Claire-
    Your posts are truly the highlight of my morning blog reading. [and no, I don't just say that to all of my 'blog friends' :)]

    I have been waiting for your "fall post" despite the fact that the weather is completely (un-autumn) here as well. That one cloudy/rainy week? Just a tease; I knew it. I just close my curtains, turn my AC on (not that you can do that at the moment!), and PRETEND.

    I love your decorations (and am doing the same thing- not buying anything new!!), and LOVE the picture with the picture of you and Tony. Very, very cute. Looking forward to your craft sharing:).

  3. Autumn recession... you make me laugh. Our temps went back up yesterday and today, too. My fall clothes are in piles in my bedroom. Yikes!

  4. Claire, I have seen your blog via google alerts and I'd like to know if you'd be interested in writing a 'slice of life' style newspaper column for our paper. Email me at trey@fayette-news.com if you're interested and I'll fill you in on the details.

  5. Whoop Whoop! Its officially fall! See you next weekend!! Lyla is flapping her arms in excitement to see you guys! :)

  6. Ha! Yup, this looks great. I can't start yet though, I still get attacked by mosquitos when I go outside. Not fall yet....


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