Thursday, November 11, 2010


Life's been rough these past few months.  Nothing serious at all, it's just been super stressful at work, I've been getting home late and leaving early in the mornings,  I've been getting nothing done at home, and I haven't seen much of Tony.  Claire doesn't handle stress well (it makes her talk in third person), and all in all it's been a little daunting.

Last night, in the few minutes I had at home before bed, I caught the tail end of a Discovery program about WWII.  Specifically, it was showing footage from the atomic bombs in Japan, and the subsequent rejoicing around the world marking the end of the war, and the soldiers and nurses coming home, changed forever.

A rough day for me means I have a long commute from a good, solid job, home to a nice house in a nice town, with a wonderful, healthy, happy husband and two dogs waiting for me.  A rough day means I had a beast of an Excel spreadsheet to complete, or lots of emails to send to ensure a campaign goes live on time.  A rough day means getting only 7 hours of sleep, versus my usual 8.

Today is Veterans Day, of course, and I honestly really thought about that this morning for the first time.  I was tired, I was into work early, and I was unhappy.  I know veterans - my grandfathers, my father in law, friends' husbands, friends' families, etc.  But war and conflict has never touched me personally.  Ever.  I have never had to leave home for months on end, put myself in danger everyday, missed a husband halfway across the world, had my life disrupted by bombs or killing, I've never lost someone I love dearly to war.

My rough days don't seem so bad.  Feeling humbled and thankful today.

ps - You must watch these videos, if you haven't before:


  1. Love this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This is a wonderful reminder of how blessed we are, even on the tough days. Thank you.

  3. Couldn't agree with you more! I'd been thinking this, but not in relation to wars and vets, just the scale of my small problems in comparison to the problems of others: going to bed hungry, unable to provide for my children, etc.

    Life is good. And I'm determined to embrace it.

    Thanks for the beautiful reminder. :)

  4. I'm sorry you've been stressed! I'm glad you found some relief and perspective. It's so easy to get all wrapped up in your own head. At least it is for me. ;) Thank you for this!

  5. a little perspective... thank you for sharing. I passed it along on fb, because that's what it is- a reminder of "perspective."

  6. You are absolutely right. Is it a coincidence that this holiday leads right up to Thanksgiving? I'm feeling all kinds of introspective (is that a word?) and grateful for the people and things I'm lucky to have.

    At the same time, I feel like we're allowed to have rough days when it feels like our world is crashing down even though it's not literally happening. We can't downplay our own stuff because there will always be something worse going on out there, ya know?

  7. Thanks for this reminder. I often take the great parts of my life for granted.


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