Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Not Too Early for Holiday Cards!

It's no secret that I'm kinda a little bit obsessed with taking pictures (it's sort of a prerequisite to blogging, right?!).  I never claimed they are good pictures, but I take tons of them nonetheless (paparazzi!).  I also have a thing for photo gifts - books, cards, you name it.  I'm on the daily email lists for lots of photo sites - mostly because any time I go to order prints or cards or a book - I've got a coupon lurking somewhere! 

Shutterfly is one of my faves - and by now I'm sure many of you have heard of their new promotion reaching out to bloggers to share some of their favorite holiday card designs, in exchange for some free cards for themselves.  Yes please thankyouverymuch.

Not one to turn down anything free, I jumped at the chance.  But to be clear, I have always really liked Shutterfly (promise!).  My most favorite part is that you can upload all of your photos there, and you don't have to buy something every month to make sure they continue living there. No Strings Attached online backup storage is the way to go.  Their photobooks are really cute too (can't share the examples I have made recently, though, because they just so happen to be Christmas presents!).  So anyway, I like Shutterfly all year, but this year they have really pulled out all of the stops with their holiday cards.  Gorgeous.  

In past years, I have forced Tony to take photos for our annual holiday card - here and here.  I'm thinking the dogs will be forced participants again this year... maaaybe with tiny santa hats on??????

I'm glad to be planning my options early this year, to save the hassle later - and here are some of my favorites from Shutterfly - but seriously, I could have chosen a million! 


I love how modern this one is - (and thinking of how forgiving a b&w photo would be when you have unruly dogs!).  Square is a fun twist too -

I like this one too - I seem to be drawn to the grays and blacks - with pops of color.

And how cute is this one?  Fits perfectly with the bird trend going on these days:

This one is perfect (besides the fact that I don't have a baby .... would it be weird for this to be a dog snout instead? ) - 


And I'm a one photo per card kinda girl myself - but this would be a super cute way to feature some kiddos:

Which ones are your faves?  Check them all out here.  Traditional, modern, simple, and ornate - they've got em all.

If you aren't as on-the-ball as I am (it's only Nov 7! ha!  take that!) and don't quite make the holiday card cut - they have some great options for holiday thank you cards.
So, in conclusion - I love photos.  I love photo cards.  Ergo - I love Shutterfly's Holiday Cards!  I seriously think I'm gonna go with the first one - think I can make Roxy and Sandy lie down next to us for the shot??  I'm even willing to splurge on the extra postage to send square cards.  That's how much I love it.

ps- My favorite way to score great deals from companies is to Like them on Facebook.  Yes, I know that's exactly what they want you to do - but Shutterfly always has great offers (check it out here!)

pps - all of my lovely blogger friends - go here to check out this offer for yourself!

ppps - Thanks, Shutterfly, for contributing to my cheapo ways and letting me get 50 free holiday cards from you in exchange for writing about something I already loved anyway.  While I am getting a great deal out of this from Shutterfly - my opinions are honest and all mine.


  1. Thanks for the tip on getting free deals!! Seriously had no idea. And for some weird reason, I'm very choosy on who I "like"... Okay, I only like 3 things I think at the moment (but I am newer to FB, so I have an excuse). But this will make me rethink my whole "like" approach. :)

    LOVE your tentative choice.

  2. Awesome, thanks Claire! I'm doing it!

  3. These are WAY cute. I think the first one is my fav...such a cute mix of fonts and colors! And 50 for free? It's pretty tempting.... :)

  4. I just received a holiday promotional flyer from Shutterfly and was browsing it at lunch. My favorite card design just so happens to be one you featured above...!!


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