Monday, November 29, 2010

A Thankful Table

My mom has quite a talent for decorating.  I've shared photos of my parents' house and my mom's decor on here before, but I just had to share her Thanksgiving table setting.  She reads a lot of the same blogs I do (you guys!) and she was excited to tell me that she "shopped her house" to set everything up.

(if the cupcakes look a little wonky - blame Tony - he iced them...)

Bonus photos of babies on Thanksgiving! 

Ava at Thanksgiving #1 with Tony's family, enjoying her spoon

Lyla dubious about her Thanksgiving meal selection... 


  1. I love that your mom reads blogs! I was looking through photos my grandmother has stashed all over the house, and half of them are of her different decorations and arrangements for various holidays. Mom and grandmas are too cute!

  2. The more I read your blog, the more I'm lovin' your mom (stylish, blog reader, 'mac & cheese' server!!)... What's not to love? :)

    Everything, and everyone looks absolutely beautiful.

  3. Looks so great. What a stylin' mom. Is that tiered server from Pottery Barn. I wanted it when I saw it there. =)

  4. Now that's what Thanksgiving should look like! The tiered thing, which I want, looks so...bountiful, if you will :) Are they chocolate turkeys

    And all of you are ridiculously good lookin...even Tony's cupcakes. And those babies!!! Adorbs!!!


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