Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A December 1st Giveaway!

It's official - I'm obsessed with scrapbook paper.  Ever since I made these Thanksgiving blocks, I can't wait to scour the paper aisle at Hobby Lobby, imagining new (to me) uses for the stuff. 

You all were so very sweet in your comments on these blocks I made for Kim's DIY party.  I really appreciate it, and those nice little words made my day, over and over again.  

These are super easy to make (my #1 crafting requirement) - so naturally, I had to make some for Christmas too.  

Oonafey of Little Pink House had the great comment suggestion to do a giveaway with a set of these, so I'm happily obliging!  Besides, I can only make myself but so many sets of blocks without turning our home into a child's nursery...  That, and Tony might kill me if I make more.  Annnd you guys are all such wonderful blog friends, I wanna share the DIY love this season.

Help feed my addiction!  All you need to do to score an imperfect Claire creation is to comment below, letting me know which festive word you would want if you won (Noel? Joy? Jolly?  Merry?) and if you win, I'll make it and send your way.  Can't be easier than that!  

(ps - I might have to draw the line at 8 letters or so - so no "o tannenbaum"s, k??)

So, what festive word would you choose to remember this holiday season?

[enter before Sunday, Dec 5!]  
[it will be embarrassing if my mom wins...]   
[ :) ]


  1. Oooo....YAY! :)

    These are totally cute, and I'd make my own if I had three seconds of spare time! But a handmade craft giveaway? Does it get any better? I think not. :)

    I'm really diggin' on your "Noel" I think if I won I'd request that word. When I was little, my mom had these "Noel" magnets, where each letter was a separate magnet. My sis and I would, every morning as we ate cereal, sleepily rearrange them to say "Leon" and then innocently ask our mother who Leon was, and why his name was on our fridge. She grew tired of it after two years...but I never did. :)

    Anyway, I would LOVE to put some Leon...I mean Noel blocks up in my apartment! :)

  2. Haha I won't enter, but I know for a fact mom would love to win. I'm looking forward to my ornament, you should definately blog about those! You should link the block idea up to people's DIY Christmas Crafts, like the one Centsational Girl and Thrifty Decor Chick are doing, that way more people would be inspired! btw we put the lights up last night and they are soooo bright but I love them :) Thanks! Love you xoxoxo

  3. Pick me! Pick me!!! :) They're awesome! And I love that you're doing a handmade giveaway!! I think "Joy" is my favorite. :)

  4. haha Bethany's story is cracking me up. Mostly because I have an uncle Leon. Guess what his last name is...yeah he's a palindrome. It's like his parents were high or something and found it hilarious. Annnnnyway, I love this giveaway. I'd want you to make me Believe...cuz I'm hoky.

  5. I really like the noel set of blocks that you did! By the way, thanks for dropping by my blog this week!

  6. Oh I LOVE these. I'm so into Christmas this year it's not even funny. I'm raising my hand as HIGH in the air as I can to win. Merry strikes me as perfect - though I love the Joy blocks. Pretty much you can't go wrong - but I'd pick Merry and display them proudly on my mantle.

  7. As I said before- I LOVE these blocks! I too am obsessed with scrap book paper and this is a definite to-do project.

    So, at first I had no idea what word to choose- until I read Bethany's comment... so I now must have NOEL! :)

    How exciting! Your first giveaway! Thank you for having it, and for your kind words. Tweeting about it now...

  8. You rock. I vote for NOEL. :)

  9. These make me so happy! Would love to have "Noel" on my shelf! :)

  10. I love your Noel ones. I'd definitely choose that.

  11. Excellent! I agree with Kim. The Noel blocks you made are spectacular! I LOVE the sparkles.

  12. I love the blocks. I have an obsession with decorating my baby's room with Christmas things. So far there are two mini trees in there. Crazy I know. I think MAB would really like his room to be a little more "merry" this year.

    Yay for giveaways!

  13. You are so creative!! If I had to pick one of my favorite words around Christmas, I would pick Joy. With my husband and I expecting our first little boy on February 3rd we have been filled with so much joy throughout this process. For us, Having joy is different from being happy. Joy comes from God and we know God has his hands at work with our little Landon!

  14. This is such a great giveaway!

    I confess, I have stolen the idea to give as Christmas gifts, but I would love a set from the original! I ADORE the NOEL you have pictured!

  15. I already entered, but I must share that this year, we started the 'elf-on-the-shelf tradition' and when I saw that we had to give him an official name... I had a perfect one in mind.


    (so, Leon is now an official member of our family... had to incorporate it somewhere- in case I don't win the contest:)


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