Sunday, December 12, 2010

Holiday Cheer at Home

It's all-Christmas-all-the-time around here, much to my husband's delight... :)   I thought I would share a glimpse of what it looks like this year.  As with any other time, I've used what I have on hand (including some last year 50% off finds) and switched it up just a little from last year's look.  I tried to go with gold and silver.

First, I used my amazing $3 cutting board again to make a nature-y glittery centerpiece.  With a grapevine tree (Hobby Lobby, 50% off) and some other decorations I had, I mixed gold and black and bronze.  Oh, you didn't know that the Gold Glitter Reindeer's natural habitat was a cutting board? Now you do.

The gold and red is intense.  I get it.  But what other time than Christmas can you pull something like this off??   

My mantle is sporting silver.  All leftovers, with a few things spraypainted silver (I LOVE the silver spraypaint, if you hadn't noticed..)

My newest project this year was my front porch tree.  Apparently I have a strong pull to take the inside outside when decorating.  I showed you my giant hanging ornaments last year, but this year I added to it with a tree.  It's just a simple Walmart fake tree (gift from Tony's parents!) that I ziptied to a piece of plywood to keep it from flying away.  Some plastic Ikea red and silver ornaments top it off. 

I love my outside tree.

Our tree:

Here is the Santa Art that is gracing my wall:

And the festive gold tinsel tomato cage tree I made last year:

And of course, the $5 silver wreath I made last week decorating the front door.

That's how I've decked my halls this year!  With a few homemade touches and a bunch of preexisting treasures, our house is comfy and cozy, and we will snuggle up together like two birds of a feather on this cold Georiga night! 

I'm linking up to Kim's party this week, because I want to keep playing each week, and I kinda sorta made some stuff! 

Dare to DIY


  1. Everything looks lovely, Claire. I love love love your porch and how you decorated it. I was just telling my momma that I need to find some outside trees for our porch next year. I may take your cue. I don't think I can do ornaments in our climate and wind, but I can definitely do lights. ;) I need to keep my eyes open for the large ornaments this year after Christmas. They're great.

    I also really like the red and gold. I've been bringing more gold into my holiday decorating. And, the mantle is just lovely. Very classy.

    Thanks for linking up.

  2. a tree on the front porch!! freakin' love it!

    all your decorations are beautiful. so much spirit!

    ...visiting from newlywoodwards.

  3. Everything looks so cheery! Your porch looks very welcoming.

  4. I love your porch tree its fabulous! But don't let me forget to brag on your table centerpiece as well, I loved it as well :+)

  5. Lovely! We are lacking in the decorations over here, and resolved to bag some clearance items after the holiday so next year we can be just as festive!

  6. Everything looks so great. I really like the ornaments that are hanging outside and the fact that you used the juice groove of your cutting board for a "tinsel holder" :)

  7. Have I mentioned how inspired I am of you???

    I love everything, especially your front porch (oh- and love the red and gold on the table... and the silver mantle... and... :).

    My grandma gave us a fake tree this year (a smaller fake tree)... I haven't decided what to do with it. I think I know now!

    Thank you for your comment on Monday. I really appreciate it:).


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