Sunday, December 19, 2010

Holiday Traditions

It's the last week of Kim's Dare to DIY party (which, by the way, has kept me on my blogging toes, thanks Kim!).  This week it's all about tradition.

I'm alllll about traditions, especially when it comes to Christmas.  You can ask my mom - I was the one in the family who dictated that we keep up traditions, no matter the circumstances.  Sister was sick?  WHO CARES!  We are going to get the Christmas tree the SECOND week of December NO MATTER WHAT...  I was serious about it. 

Luckily I've relaxed a bit on die-hard traditions (moving away and then getting married will do that...) but I still cherish the little traditions with my family - going to church Christmas Eve and going home after to eat ham biscuits, getting up early Christmas morning (I put up a mock fight at how early the girls get me up), eating breakfast casserole, opening my presents more slowly than my sisters so I am left with a bunch when they are already done (they hate this!), saving stockings for last.  Love all of them.  Every sentimental thing matters to me.

And having a new "second family" doesn't change anything - it's just more traditions to add to the collection!  I shared before how we all don reindeer ears to read the Christmas story with Tony's family.  I'm looking forward to a little tiny set on Ava's head this year... And then we look at lights

Tony and I have some of our own as well.  One big one revolves around our friend Tom.  He has been doing a group reading of "The Night Before Christmas" for 11 years now, and the group has grown bigger by the year (including adding me!).  Last night we gathered together for appetizers, desserts, and cider to hear his rendition.  Never disappoints.  Mikey's mom has tons of different versions of the story, so we all get our own books to follow along.

He shows us every picture.

I had the Coca-Cola Santa version of the story! 

I love Christmas.  Hard to believe it's almost here (and over!).  

Dare to DIY


  1. Man, you and Kim make me feel like a Christmas slacker! I need to get with the program and make some Christmas traditions!

  2. Claire, you and I are seriously of the same heart when it comes to traditions! I'm also the one who becomes a bit of a Christmas Nazi (is that word offensive? whoops..) if someone suggests we deviate from the tradition sequence of events. Although we don't always get our tree on the same day, I always insist that we visit the same little old man's tree farm each year to cut our own.

    I adore your tradition of reading T'was the Night Before Christmas...I can't even imagine all the giggles and fun.

  3. This looks so fun. I love the reindeer ears and the story reading. What fun ideas! Thanks for linking up this week.

  4. At least I know I'm not the only one when it comes to holiday traditions! I am the tradition keeper, but as I've gotten older I've realized that I'm not as good at creating new ones as I am in keeping the old ones in tact!

    Love hearing about someof your traditions- new and old:).

  5. That sounds like lots of fun!

  6. That reading looks like an amazing time. I love that you guys do that. And I love that the dude shows you all the pictures. Ha. awesome.


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