Thursday, December 30, 2010

The List

In the past years I've taken the minimalist view for New Years Resolutions.  Lose Weight, Be Happy, Just Do Something With Your Life Already Claire, Jeez... etc.... Can't say they worked...

The beauty of those goals were their ambiguity - and lack of a check box after accomplishing.

So this year, I'm taking a more detailed approach to the whole thing, and making a cut and dry list of things I want to accomplish in the next year.  I started this list back in October, so I would be sure to capture all of the things I want to do, big and small.  I might even add some as the year goes on.  Of course I will share my successes with you  if  when they happen.  

Some are straightforward (#14, #21), others are going to be a challenge (#9!, #13), and others are going to be more long-term, to give myself a fair amount of time to actually complete them (#3, #6).  

The List:
  1. Do something that really scares me
  2. Be confident - physically, mentally, optimistically
  3. Lose 25+ pounds so I feel like me again (and sadly, no, this isn't a drastic number...)
  4. Learn to garden - actually grow real things
  5. Kiss Tony hello every evening when I get home, regardless of how tired/stressed I am
  6. Read every book (even if that means re-read) on this Top 100 list - with the freedom to change a few at-will
  7. Go camping or hiking - even if it's not real camping or real hiking
  8. Get professional photos of Tony and I 
  9. Learn how to make 5 new recipes that are edible
  10. Refinish a large piece of furniture from the thrift store
  11. Make my wedding scrapbook
  12. Eat more veggies
  13. Run 5 miles in one go - this is big for me, but probably seems pathetic to real runners
  14. Go one month with no soda
  15. Tell people more often how much they mean to me
  16. Do more papercrafts; send at least one card I made from scratch
  17. Teach myself more about web design
  18. Do something totally life-changing
  19. Be a better sister
  20. Go on a bigish vacation
  21. Go on a little vacation
  22. Organize our garage, for real this time
  23. Try a new piece of random fruit from the farmer's market
  24. Build a piece of furniture from scratch via
  25. Be a better friend
  26. Make 1 new friend 
  27. Eat more fish
  28. Volunteer more
  29. Buy/Build as needed so our closets can finally be organized.
  30. Learn more about a new country each month - even if it's just from the elementary school level books
  31. Put up crown molding in our house (with Tony's help!)
  32. Improve my posture - especially when sitting at a desk
  33. Plant more fall bulbs for a spring surprise
  34. Backup my photos online somewhere (this is a MUST!)
  35. Go to a high school football game
  36. Waterski again (I've been scared to try again after this success)
  37. Figure out how to backup my blog's history
  38. Ride bikes once a week (once it's warm)
  39. Visit Atlanta landmarks I've missed
  40. Clean out our dryer's hoses 
  41. Go one month without fried foods - at all - no cheating
  42. Give up something big for Lent
  43. Floss more
  44. Go on a summer picnic
  45. Reduce my sugar intake
  46. Revamp our laundry room (I've been planning this for years...)
  47. Find a daily/weekly cleaning routine I can stick with
  48. Build our deck (with Tony's help!)
  49. Paint the furniture in our guest room
  50. Love life, every day! 

(Don't worry, I wont post about #40 or #12 or #43, but if I do something really amazing I will be sure to update you!  I'm also going to post this list on a tab at the top of the blog and cross things off as I go)

Any other suggestions of things I must try in 2011?


  1. Would it be if I copy and paste your list ?! - it is like you have been reading my mind!

  2. Claire- I speak for myself but number 19 is redic. You are such an amazing sister and have been so supportive through out my life. Especially with Lyla, she has the bomb of a chalk board table and a gigantic box of diapers. I always do things with your approval in mind (at least recently) because I look up to you so much. You inspire me and make me want to be a better person and live my life the way I want to live it. Really Claire, there is no possible way you could be a better big sister to me. I love you so much. xoxo

  3. I love the idea of a list. I've tried the more general year lists, adn they usually end up being bs.

    I also want to begin running again. We should do a challenge to get each other to 5 miles.

  4. PS - I"m pretty much doing this same thing. You've inspired me, and some of your things are so similar. We seem to be sistas from another mista.

  5. This is an AWESOME list! And your sister's comment was so sweet!

  6. Please don't actually attempt #9. We can't afford to waste all that food and eating out after your failed attempts.

  7. Wow! That's a fantastic set of goals! Here's to 2011!

  8. Just found your blog from Kim @ NewlyWoodwards - can't wait to hear all your progress! :)

  9. First of all- this list is fantastic. I did take the "broad" approach this year, but I equally love the detailed approach. Please link it up to Danielle's Listography post!! That way, I could have it saved to my own blog (since I've linked to that post twice)!! So many of these items are items that I want and need to accomplish myself.

    ... and DO attempt #9!!!!! ("ts" is hopefully kidding :)


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