Monday, January 31, 2011

Bigger & Better

You might remember seeing our green living room rug  (also seen here in my lovely house tour tab).  Well, it was nice, but it was a little... small.  And very green.  There was little rug to spare after anchoring it to our couch and adding the coffee table.  The dogs were not amused.  They need space for their activities

So we have been on the hunt for a new rug, preferably an 8x10 or somewhere close.  Here's the thing though - rugs are freaking expensive.  I've said it before - Claire and Textiles don't do so well together (that and paint colors).  I'm just no good at finding curtains or rugs or pillows or bedding.  I can never get over the hump of how expensive these woven things are.  Maybe I'm just cheap.... and maybe it's because you aren't as likely to find an amazing rug at the thrift store as you are to find, say, a nice dresser.  Germs.

So we've been looking at rugs, but hadn't found one we liked that was actually affordable, no matter how many times Overstock stocked stalked us with internet ads showing us the rugs we previously looked at (omgoverstockleavemealone!). Enter Costco.

I love Costco.  We have 27 rolls of paper towels at any given time.  We have more pasta than any two people can possibly  should eat.  We have 32 ounces of taco seasoning.  

We went to get groceries, and came home with a rug - who would have thought?  We actually got an indoor/outdoor rug, but I swear it doesn't have that scratchy cheap feel that most outdoor rugs have.  It's semi-plush, and the perfect size for our room.  I love it.  It's neutral enough to not be too busy, and I'm actually hoping the durability of an outside rug will help withstand constant paw traffic.   It was $90 (hint: this is why I love it).  

And the best part - the green rug got moved to the kitchen - where it looks even better than before!!  

I wanted to show a side by side look of 3 1/2 yrs ago vs today, but sadly, that was PBE (pre blogging era) and thus, I didn't manically take pictures of every inch of my home, but here's the best I can do, in all of it's raw before beauty... 
I love progress.


  1. That's a great looking rug! Our living room rug is also too small in my opinion, but my husband likes to disagree. Maybe if I found a bigger one at a good price like you did he could be convinced ;)

  2. I LOVE it! What a difference, and what an awesome price!

  3. It looks so good. I love the rug in your space. What a difference a big rug makes. I'm fairly certain I need to buy new rugs for the house because the rooms are so much bigger.

  4. Ok you might have just convinced me to find a costco and join it. 90 bucks for that size rug is unheard of! And I'm in the market for at least 2 of them. But on my non existant budget, I usually just surf the ikea and target sites and cry because even they are too expensive. Oh and I really like that big rose painting on your mantle from days of yore.

  5. Wow! It makes such a difference in that space! It looks terrific!

  6. Love it!! That looks so good. I have to come see it ASAP. You are so good with colors and pulling stuff together.

  7. I want this rug!! We have the exact same issues- the price (totally overpriced), the 'traffic'(dogs + kids + guests), and the size (we need a large rug so our couches can stay put, without slipping around).

    We had one, that lasted about a year. Then, we went a while with out, and finally purchased again at Ikea. It's okay, but it was pretty cheap (and has that cheap feel to it). Your rug would match perfectly, and I love that it's simple (another issue with rugs- need a simple design!). I've never before thought to look at Costco! And I've always wondered if Overstock was the way to go. From now on, every time I'm in Costco, I'm checking their rug selection!

  8. The rug looks so, so great! I love Costco.


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