Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day!

Alternate titles:  Snowpocalypse 2011 or SnOMG!

They predicted snow on Sunday night.  This weekend, the grocery stores were PACKED!  You would think the world was going to end.  I am not even joking when I say that every store was out of bread.  

Tell me this - WHY oh WHY do people buy bread in bulk when it's supposed to snow in the south?  I don't get it.  It's not like you can make a sandwich if your power goes out and your fridge shuts off and your meat and cheese goes bad - and you certainly can't make toast... So what do you do?  Eat slices of bread plain??  There are many other Snowpocalypse-proof foods I would rather eat... Besides, they were calling for 2 inches.  2!

Ranting aside, I'm just as terrified as the next Georgian of snow/ice/wintry mixes.  Here's what our road looks like today, and seriously, the city is shut down.  Not even much snow, but lots of freezing rain.

I didn't have to go to work (hooray!) and it's a good thing too.  Yes, I took a picture of our TV.  And yes, just for the sake of blogging.  This is what my route to work looks like this morning - 8 lanes on both sides going through downtown... doesn't look fun today!  (I should note, it's never fun).

We may seem pathetic to you hearty Northerners, but when the state has something like 4 de-icers total, it isn't a pretty story! 

The dogs are enjoying SnOMG 2011.

 Me?  I'll be enjoying this Monday in my pj's.  


  1. Hehe...I love SnOMG 2011.

    I was laughing the other day as Gabe's parents told me about the two inches of snow they received in CA...two inches is a normal day in Wisconsin. But, I cannot mock, because we're armed with hundreds of thousands of pounds of sand and salt, countless plows and the like. I cannot imagine how we'd get through normal life without them!

    I hope you enjoy the magical dust...and stay in those PJs as long as possible! :)

  2. SnOMG literally made me snort with laughter. That means I was laughing hard. ;)

    Will you come visit me in Illinois in the winter? We'd have fun.

  3. My local news keeps showing the Atlanta's a big deal! I'm glad you got a snowday or two out of the snooooomgawd! It's heading up the coast to us tomorrow so I've stocked up on my bread and know, for lots of french toast.

  4. ha you northerners were exactly the ones i was thinking about when writing this - i knew you would laugh! and no, i don't want to visit (not for a few months!)

  5. Great minds think alike! My husband and I were laughing this weekend (when we incidentally ran out of groceries) and Kroger was packed. Why oh why people stock up on milk and bread, I will never know. There are countless other things I can think of that I'd prefer to eat if stuck inside.

    Day 2 of Snowmageddon and we are snug inside and enjoying working from home over here in Woodstock. I think we got 6 inches? Looks like we may be working from home for the rest of the week!

    Loving having another local gal that I can follow on blog land. It's fun to hear your take on the same things I'm experiencing, and I VERY MUCH appreciate you making the point that we had to borrow 3 snow plows to basically double our inventory! I need to wrap this up because I'm rambling, but your dogs are so cute in the snow!!

  6. Oh, you Southerners and your fear of 2 inches. It's so cute :)

    Philadel is calling for 4-8 today. Bring. It. ON.


  7. I'll never know what a snow day feels like here in southern CA, so it's fun to hear about them from others- especially those (like you) who don't experience it that often!

  8. Hahaha. We had a similar storm today (obviously more snow because its Canada, but equally debilitating) and it took me 3 hours to get to work. Not fun at all. Glad you've all made it through without having to resort to plain, dry bread :)


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