Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Life is still a blur right now*, but since it's blizzarding in most of the country right now (but not here! thank goodness!), I thought I would share some make you happy pics.  I had to go to Miami for work, and while it was an in/out kinda trip, it was an absolutely glorious taste of sun and sand and warmth.  I took about 1,000 pictures from my hotel balcony because I'm cool like that.  I gazed at the rich and questionably-dressed Europeans and the upper crust families with nannies in tow, and imagined I was wealthy enough to vacation at a place like this... all from the hotel lobby in my work clothes... :(

Anyway, pretend there isn't snow up to your rooftop and imagine you are sitting out here in a lounge chair and we are having cocktails - perhaps in a cabana?

Yes, I'll take another.  How about you?

I wish I could have taken more photos of the inside - but I was afraid that would be terribly tacky.  I did grab this pic of one of the hundreds of chandeliers - I loved the bubble-like glass.

Fanny pack? 

I managed to grab a quick morning walk on the beach, and shamelessly took self-portraits.

I look like a lunatic vampire.  Sorry.

 Aren't you glad we are on holiday together??

*I should clarify that no, I'm not pregnant, as that seems to be the common cause of dropoff in blogland - just busy working!

** I have a large amount of traffic coming to my blog this week from a not-to-be-named-here adult "dating" website.  What do I do???  I can't see directly where my blog is linked, but I'm afraid one of the people on there is linking here from their about me profile... ick!  So if you are a creeper, please go away.


  1. Mmm. Yes. Please. I want happy sunshine & palm trees.

    Also, the lunatic vampire comment made me bust out laughing.

  2. I'm so glad we're on vacation together! And that we picked such a nice, warm destination! When can we go back??

  3. Looks so pretty! You don't look like a lunatic OR a vampire, btw. =)

  4. 1) thanks for the clarification :).
    2) weird!! I'm sure it'll die down when they get here ("here"- meaning your blog), and realize it's not exactly what they're looking for... or who knows, they might find your site incredibly inspiring and irresistible, and decide to stay a while! :)

    p.s. i like your new font.

  5. Thanks for the vacay, Claire, just what I needed! I'll take another Pina Colada, please, not virgin.

  6. Jealous. and its not even snowing. And last time I checked lunatic vampires were all the rage right now, I mean just look in a magazine. Love you see you in 2 weeks for a much needed baby break!

  7. Wait, is that grass? Actual grass? Darn you and your jet-setting. But thanks for taking us along, that's more than my husband has done. Are you reading this John??? Take me on vacation!

    He probably doesn't read your comments. Your blog yes, but comments no. Or maybe he does. John, if you see this, let me know. Better yet, take me somewhere with warmth!

    Sorry about that Claire. And sorry you're getting creepsters here. That's so weird, can you get to the link that's bringing them here or do you have to login to their creepy site to see where it's coming from?

  8. haha love you guys.

    and i should note - we are now up to THREE weirdo sites linking here. :(


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