Sunday, February 6, 2011

Head Start

You guys.  I did something crazy today.  Something completely unpredictable.  

I went bathing suit shopping.  In February.  For no good reason.

The miracle?  I found a top I love.  Seriously, it's a miracle.  You see, I hate bathing suits - I hate trying them on, I hate wearing them, I hate having to pick through them to find one that's only mildly repulsive.  I usually wait until the day before I'm headed to the beach or the lake to go find one - and am surprised (yes, each time) that there are only size XS gold-lame triangle tops and the flowery skirted numbers that my Grammy wears.  

So this year, when I spotted Target's bathing suits out in JANUARY (the horror!) I decided to be proactive.  I was going to go shopping early.

I actually had a selection, and was able to find one that wasn't sewn for babies.  Not to be a free ad for Target or anything, but it's perfect - black (duh), potentially strapless, with an elastic waistband around the bottom to keep it from riding up during those cringe-worthy pool exit moments... and the best part - it has a little gathered drapey part in the middle - so no cling!!   Thank you, Target, for finally making a bathing suit I like.


  1. Well I guess it's not totally crazy with your jet-setting to tropical locations and all. But an elastic bottom waist? That may be th emost perfect invention ever! I hate when you get in the pool and the water flows up the front of your tank and the whole thing flies up for all to see. Even better with baby stretchmarks! Woot! I may follow your lead and go tomorrow to buy the exact same one. Thank you for being brave for us.

  2. Cute! I like the top you chose. Adorable. Way to be proactive.

  3. Swimsuit season is frustrating, but you are well on your way to a fabulous swimsuit season, Claire! I love it! Nice find.

  4. Ahhhh, bathing suit shopping. Definitely NOT a favorite activity- and those awful mirrors (3-way!), and the lighting!!

    I bought a couple of good ones (literally minutes before we were supposed to leave for our first bbq/swim party of the season), a couple of years ago, and wore them again last year. I think I could still get away with keeping the same ones for this year too... phew.

  5. i have seen the new suits at target -- i thought maybe it was because i lived in southern california! i need a new suit this year, too. i'm going with a black bikini. the past few years i've tried various brands {i get a new bikini once a year because i wear them out here!} but my go-to, never fails me, priced way too high, brand is jcrew. i've never had a solid black suit but with turning 30 i think it's time to add some sophistication to my bathing suit wardrobe! love the top you found, by the way!


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