Saturday, February 26, 2011


Well, it's been nearly 2 months since 2011 began, and I put my list out there into the world of the 50 things I wanted to do (or start doing) this year.  As you can see, only 2 things have been officially crossed off.  Kinda pathetic, and not a good indication of overall completion % by December...

However, it's importatnt to note that many of the things were "do it and keep on doing it forever and ever" kinda things - like #12 (eat more veggies), and #25 (be a better friend), and importantly, #5 (kiss Tony hello each evening when I get home).  I am doing okish on the ones like this.  I've really tried to be happy when I walk in the door each night, even on the nights when my commute was 2 hours - and it's 9 pm... 

I can't say I've eaten more than 2 pieces of fish this year (#27), and I haven't learned about a new country at all, needless to say each month (#30) - so those are semi-fails...

But there are many others that are in progress, that I'm not quite ready to check off yet - #46, #20, #3!.  

So, it's not a total loss, but I need to step it up!!  


  1. I just decided today that I"m going to make fish in March. I never make fish at home and I'd like ot try it. I think you are doing great on your list. And just making it to begin with gives you high marks in my book. The books list is particularly impressive to me! Keep going at it, girl.

    And a 2 hour commute? I'm just so spoiled. I live less than 3 miles from work and it takes me about 5 minutes.

  2. Like Kim said, 2 hours???

    It's a wonder that you have ANY items checked off of your list with that commute!!

    You're working on it, little by little, and that's what's important.

    (But I feel the same way about the "reading" part... If I don't "work on it" a little faster, I'm NEVER going to slim down my endless "to-read" list!)


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