Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Ava!

So hard to believe that one year ago today, this little baby was born, making us official aunts and uncles:

Equally hard to believe?  That's she's grown up so fast.  What beautiful miracles can happen within the span of a year.

Happy birthday little Ava.  We love you dearly.


  1. I absolutely love that picture of her looking at the cake in total shock! Happy Birthday Ava!!

  2. Oh my, oh my! That dress. That beautiful, bright dress! I'm usually all about boys, but sometimes baby girl dress really get me hankering for a little girl!

    Happy Birthday, Ava!

  3. She's adooooooorable!!

    You are right. Miracles can happen within the course of a year. (She's proof!)

  4. I am loving her perfect little cupcake onesie! So cute for that little girl!

    P.S. Gotta love the frosting picture as well :)


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