Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun with Applique

I just had my first experience into the world of applique, and I have to say - I'm hooked!  I've seen so many cute examples online (Pinterest, duh!), and was eager to try it myself (ambitious, I know, welcome to the world Claire).  Turns out, super easy and totally cute!  I went the no-sew route, of course.

I made these for Lyla's birthday:

Forgive the terrible color - I was ironing this at like, 6 in the morning the day before we went to Knoxville, procrastinator that I am.  My parents have two mini dachshunds, and Lyla is a die-hard UT fan, so the images were a natural fit.  Time will tell if they actually stick, but not bad for a few bucks!

I'm dreaming of making more - any adults out there want some appliquéd shirts???  If you have babies (I'm talkin' to you Kacy!), prepare for a pile of appliquéd goodness.

Wow, applique is a weird word to type repeatedly...


  1. I was in a sorority in college and we would use this method to make lettered shirts all the time! Although it is so sew if you have free time and really want to add a little special touch you could put a hand stich around the trim of it, maybe in a accent color.

  2. These look great! Isn't it kind of addicting? I always make them for shower gifts now.

  3. I really want to try this!!

    (someday, I will get my craftiness on... someday :)

  4. How did I forget to mention this in my novel-like comment on Lyla's bday post? It's an adorable little shirt she's got on. I've never done it either...apparently I could be making adorable clothes for Gabe? Who knew?

  5. Love it! Parks and Marlee are looking forward to some appliqué-tion!


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