Monday, April 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Lyla-Loo!

I know what you're thinking - just hurry up and have a kid already, I'm sick of seeing your nieces.  Ok well, you probably aren't thinking that - because my nieces are freaking adorable.  

Anyway, this weekend was Lyla's first birthday party!  I can't believe that this little baby...

...Turned into this big girl.  

I could wax poetic about the world turning too fast and time slipping through my fingers, but instead, I will give you these pictures of a not-so-little girl who loves to clap and walk with you and give big wet sloppy kisses.  Enjoy.


  1. You can talk about her as long as you want to...but feel free to have one of your own too. You know, for me to squeal over. But for now, let's talk about a few things.

    1) Lyla's mom is your sister, right? Her pink and white cardigan is adorable. Pass it on. 2) Open mouth baby kisses, while sort of gross because of the slobber factor, are mostly awesome. 3)That birthday cake is the perfect shade of blue and I want an exact replica right now. 4) Why is it that you put a pair of jeans on a babe and all of a sudden they age like 4 years? 5)The ladies in your fam have some gorgeous shiny hair. 6) Tony looks like a naaaaaatural.

  2. She's beautiful! And so are you, Aunt Claire! I love the picture of the kissy. You gotta really love a kid to let her do that. haha....

  3. Happy birthday baby! Its crazy a year has gone by. So looking forward to the many more years to come. Thanks for being the best paparazzi :) xoxo

  4. Ditto to Shannon's comment! Love it... and so true. =)

    And happy birthday to that little cutie!!


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