Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brain Break

I'm taking a brief brain break to write this, thus it will be short!

School went great this week - it's nice to be learning again, and the flexibility is wonderful (I get to see sunlight!).  It's pretty crazy taking three Maymesters (although, I feel like a jerk complaining, since I know so many people do full school loads AND work AND have kids AND are nighttime super heroes).  I'm just not used to staying up past 10 pm or using my brain this much!!  Real life has pretty much been put on hold in favor of textbook reading. The reading is pretty intense - but I'm pretty much loving it.  (Hooray!)  And while it's crazy - it's only three weeks.  Can't complain about that.

The other night I posted on Facebook "i'm going to pretend i'm not up at nearly midnight glitter-gluing... for my graduate class..."  - which pretty much sums up how it's been going.  Fun, stimulating, relevant for my future career - but kinda crazy person ish.
I'm taking a children's literature class - which is really fun and informative.  We have to do visual responses to the readings, thus the glitter gluing.  I'm really glad I'm a craft nerd and have all this junk on hand already!

I hope to get ahead in my school work this weekend - and do important things like read your blogs (I miss you all!) and beg Tony to let me go to this.    


  1. Congratulations on completing your first week... a strange (but good!) transition, huh?

    I took a children's literature class and loved it, but was also amazed at how much work it was!! (I assumed it would be one of the "easier/lighter" classes. Wrong.)

  2. Oh yeah, this looks familiar. I loved learning about children's literature. So much more fun than adult literature. Young adult is my favorite though!

    School & student teaching and your first year are going to be tons of work and will probably involve some (a lot of) late nights. This is due to the fact that you are doing everything from scratch. But stick with it and it becomes infinitely easier each and every year as you find your groove and learn the best ways to manage & teach your kids.

  3. Glad that brain of yours is getting a workout! I know that mine is taking a nice break from this past semester and I'll only have to take one class in the summer.

    I took my children's literature class in the fall and I absolutely found it fascinating. One of the best classes I have ever taken!

    It would be so fun to see you at the Philly meet-up! I unfortunately won't be able to go since going on two major trips this year just isn't in the budget (Europe in July!), but I would LOVE to go!! :)


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