Monday, May 2, 2011

Yard Progress

After giving it a few weeks to do it's thing, the yard is finally starting to look normal!  We've had mother nature on our side, providing lots and lots of rain (and luckily, no tornadoes here).  

It's looking less stripy and more grassy.  There are still a few patches that still haven't woken up yet, but we're super happy with how it's looking!  I'm imagining little kiddos frolicking across it one day (or, me frolicking, yesterday....).

Also - the peach tree that used to sit in our miserable little island is now back in the corner, hiding:

It seems to be liking the shade, with tons of little peach buds, as I showed in my last Simple Pleasures.  If they actually grow to full fruit, I will be astounded.  And proud of ourselves.  And a new-found peach lover (fuzzy skin, weird.).  


  1. It looks great!!!! :) And I'm excited about your peaches! If you don't like them, send them on to me!! :)

  2. You actually have peaches in your yard? I know I should have known that (due to your blog title), but I guess it never computed. ;) So cool!

  3. Looking good!!

    Our lemon tree has lots buds, but the peach tree... nothing. ???

  4. I think green, fuzzy peaches just got added to my list of adorable fuzzy creatures I want to pet... Is that weird?


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