Friday, June 10, 2011

Cuteness Explosion

I realized I have a bunch of randomly-taken photos of adorable babies from the past few months that you really must see (don't worry, just my nieces and friends's babies... not strangers!).  What would my blog be if it didn't brag endlessly about the babies in my life????  Don't tell them tho - I don't want to inflate their egos....


  1. kids are so awesome, aren't they? if i got to see my niece and nephew more i think my whole blog would become just posts about them.

    yours are adorable! are they from your side or tony's?

  2. i love it. i have photo albumn upon photo albumn of my children. they grow up so fast!!! xo

  3. CUTE!!!!!!!!!!

    (I really, really want that striped shirt... that's shirt perfection right there =)

  4. Omg baby tutus, baby tuxes, babies in cabinets. Dying of cuteness here.


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