Saturday, June 11, 2011

More Yard Progress

I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing about our stupid front yard, but seeing as how we've put a ton of time, energy, and money into it, I see it as our little baby.  And it truly is a amazing what a difference our work has made.  

I never took a full frontal picture of our house when we bought it (tear...), but this is from three years ago and gives you a good enough idea.

 Soooo much better today.  

For a ranch-style house like ours, having a lawn previously filled with ivy and tall trees really hid the house and made it look small.  By clearing it, you can see the whole house, making it appear larger and less blocked.  The light in the house is so much better.  I like to think that our house looks bigger (dare I say -- better!) than other ones in our neighborhood.  Not that we can move any time soon with the market the way it is, I hope our work will at least get a buyer into our house (since that's a crucial first step!).  And, I now have fewer trees to worry about falling on my head at night....

Things like a new roof, painted shutters, and growing plants help too. :)

If you are interested (AND I KNOW YOU ARE!) - this post has a pretty neat collage of progress on our curb appeal.

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  1. It looks SO SO NICE!!! Amazing what a little lawn can do! :)


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