Thursday, June 9, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

  • Did you Blogger users see that you can now change your favicon (that little picture on the tab by your blog name) without having to use some crazy code?  Details here.  Strangely, it's not showing up on Chrome, but is for Firefox.  I used the .ico converter they recommend in that article, but just make it 32x32 so it will upload correctly in Blogger.
  • My weekends start on Thursday at 11 am now (as bragged about here)   I wish this meant I had no work to do between now and Monday.
  • Today was my first official day working with middle schoolers (through a reading class/summer program setup).  Whew!  I will probably write up a post about it - it went great, it just makes me feel I have so much more to learn (and a lot more confidence to build!).
  • I have to interview a middle schooler for another class - anyone have one they want to offer up to me?  Contrary to the fact that I'm choosing middle level education as my future career, I don't actually know a middle schooler.  Sweet irony.  The interview can be via email/phone/in person and it will be totally confidential.  Questions will be made up by me and will probably just relate to the middle school experience in general.  Any takers???
  • There is a bird nesting in the hanging basket my mom gave me.  She flies out maniacally any time I try to water it.  95+ temps and no water don't mix.... True story, I got up there to take a picture and she flew out at my face and I almost had a heart attack.
  • Those peaches I referenced in my last post?  GONE.  I'm guessing it was that same stupid deer who ate my lilies last year.
  • Skorts are underrated.


  1. You can interview Jacob! (but he might not be super talkative... that's the only thing. I think for him- he'd give great feedback (I even love asking him for feedback/his opinion... he's a true 'thinker'), but e-mail would probably be better (so he wouldn't be so nervous!).

    Love the favicon :)... and seriously- cannot believe that about your peaches! Our strawberries are all disappearing (not sure how, but by some [evil ;)] critter.

  2. Okay, as you can see from the above comment- I'm addicted to parenthesis (so much that I often forget to close them out).

  3. I might not be a middle schooler but I've pretty much got the maturity level (and musical taste *coughBiebscough*) so I'd be glad to interview with you ;)

    Omg, I just bought my first skort since 1991. From JC Penney no less. I found a cute white skirt and imagine my delight when I saw what was underneath! You're totally right, they're totally underrated.

  4. I have 2 nests in the fern mom gave me, which suprised me cause I didnt know birds nested that close to each other. And at last the fern is dead cause I was too scared I would drown the eggs (is that possible?)

    You'll be a great teacher, don't worry about confidence!


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