Thursday, July 21, 2011

Lesson Learned...

Remember the post a year or so ago where I gushed about my new Ikea curtains (scored in the as-is section for only $3 a panel)?

I was so excited to get giant panels for such a great price.  The ones I got for our bedroom were a nice heavy, almost canvassy material (I know nothing about fabrics, I'm sure it has a real name....)  For our office, I got some lovely white ones that were a little lighter, but still nice and substantial.  I washed them first, then I got out my iron and hem tape and went to town, measuring them for the exact length I wanted - barely gracing the floor - not too high but not too puddley.  They looked great - I was pleased with my domestic textile skills!

Just the length I wanted!
Well, consider this my lesson learned.  Heavy fabric is prone to gravity, and over time, my curtains have become puddles, much to my chagrin:

I realize now that I should have let them hang for a few months before hemming them, giving gravity a chance to do its dirty work.

I'm super lazy, so I am not looking forward to the process of re-hem-taping these babies.  Urgh.  I'm also tempted to wash/dry these, but then I'm afraid I will ruin them.  

This is why I can't have nice things.   :)


  1. huh.... how did I never know this could happen? You bet your bippy I'm hanging my new curtains before hemming them now.

  2. haha, I actually don't think they look too bad.

    On a side note, that AS IS section is the best. LURV IT. Now I want to stop at IKEA on the way home from work. Thanks Claire ;)


  3. :) Yeah, this has happened with my panels from Ikea too. The other thing that can happen is under the weight of the curtains, your rod can warp/droop a little (I guess depending on the rod) making the curtains look longer... Does turning your rod a little lift the curtains up of the floor a little?

  4. I actually like the puddle look!
    And btw: I LOVE your bed frame! Where did you get it?

  5. This happened to me too! So upsetting. By the way, I live in Fayetteville so we're neighbors. It's such a small blog world :)


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