Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wednesday Thoughts

  • Ok, so maybe I should have paced myself with that whole I'm-on-a-blogging-roll I'm out of ideas.
  • If we are Facebook or Twitter friends, you have already heard me brag about this, but I'm saying it again - I'm officially on a no-school "vacation" until Aug 22!  That's almost a whole month!  I have a whole lot of nothing up my sleeves for these next few weeks.
  • I start my student teaching Aug 23, so I will probably spend the next few weeks being nervous :)
  • Finished The Art of Racing in the Rain - loved it.  Now on to your wonderful suggestions!
  • I've had TMJ (or something like it) for going on two weeks now - super annoying!  Anyone have any miracle cures?
  • Today is deep clean day in the Stravelakis house.  All of the cleaning that got put off during my busy summer is being tackled today - dusting, organizing etc.  
  • What kind of cleaner are you?  I know some people just keep their houses clean all of the time, and never have to have a deep clean day.  I hate you.  To everyone else - I know some people have a system - tackle one room at a time or systematically plug through vacuuming, then laundry, then dusting, etc.  I, however, am a random cleaner.  I will pick up one thing in one room and take it to its home in another, and then get distracted by something, and totally switch gears.  Takes me longer, surely, but it gets done.  That, and I blare the TV music channel to get amped.  Oh, the tricks of a domestically challenged wife...
  • Did I mention I'm on vacation? :)


  1. Enjoy your vacation! I can't imagine deep cleaning the house as super fun - but at least your brain won't be occupied thinking about school-related stuff.

  2. I wish I always kept my house clean. I don't. I've tried a schedule and it was just too much. Once school is done and we're moved, I may try it again. I'd clean up a room every night (kitchen one night, bathrooms one night, etc.). But, as it is, I spend a lot of time doing a full clean every few weeks. Boo! Hiss!

    And you are already doing student teaching? That's amazing!

  3. I have TMJ too!!! weird. but I think mine is more tonsil related then yours. and maybe stress.

    See you tomorrow!


  4. I had TMJ... until I stopped working. I finally visited a doctor (thought it was an ear issue) and found out that it was due to stress and habit. The stress part of the equation was gone, but the habit? I just had to literally tell myself to stop- consciously and subconsciously- even when I woke up in the middle of the night clenching. It worked!

    Secret: I am a HORRIBLE cleaner. Very random, and unlike you- it therefore does NOT get done. Working on it though! Must.


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