Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beach Week: T&C

Well, if I'm doing Wedding Week, I may as well do Beach Week!  Yesterday I shared my fave pics of Lyla, since they were burning a hole in my photo file pockets, begging to be shared.

Here are ones of Tony and I that I can't help but share.  Mostly, photos of us consist of: 

1. Me sneaking up on Tony and snapping away - he holds his hand in front of his face if he can react quickly enough. 

I like the sneaky pictures because I can capture something elusive:  the real smile.

Tony's one day of drinking for the year.

Dang.  Caught me.

2.  I beg someone to take a pic of the two of us so there will be proof I was there.  He obliges.  

With my grandpa <3

3.  RARE:  he picks up my camera, unasked, and snaps a photo.

I look like a pro, don't I???  I should get one of my own.
(That one was for you, mom. Don't get your hopes up!)


  1. Story of my life with pictures :). You guys are an adorable couple. And does Tony really only have one drinking day a year? I want to hear the story to that one!

  2. YES- now that you mention it- you should get your own!!!!!! ;)

    I loved getting caught up. When I started following you (a year ago, it was around this time). The summer/family pictures remind me of when I discovered your blog... and you! :)


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