Monday, August 15, 2011

Meat Adventures

I'm sure you've gotten the idea by now that I don't cook.  At all.  Occasionally I will bake something easy, and I can boil pasta, but that's it.  Literally.

Meat scares me.  I don't like touching it, I don't really like eating that much of it, I don't know how long to cook it for or at what temperature or if it really is done even though I've prodded and poked it and it looks done but I still don't know....

You get the picture.  So in my (now-waning) free time, I decided to cook dinner.  Of my own volition. Inspired by this pin.

We had most of the ingredients and I had the time (lots of it!) - so I went for it.  Seemed easy enough.

Tony thought it was hilarious, so much so that he actually went to find my camera to take a picture to document that it really happened.

(Yes, I have been dressing up in my time off...)

So the recipe is Jamie Oliver's Crunchy Garlic Chicken.  It's basically a lemon, garlic, and cracker coating on chicken - but it's baked.  Very little oil used but it still tastes somewhat fried (ie: good).  I had to do fancy things like zest and food process things.  I had a very hands-on experience with raw chicken.

It was an adventure.

The best part - IT TURNED OUT GREAT!  TONY LOVED IT!  We had leftover chicken so he requested to have it again the next night - victory!!

With wheat pasta with a light lemon butter

I get it.  It's not that challenging of a recipe for you chefs out there.  But if you're like me and need an easy start - this one was it.

I did change a few things, based on what we had available:  
  • I used some Wheat Thin chip/cracker things we had on hand, instead of saltines.  I imagine it gave it better flavor anyway.  
  • I also used chicken tenderloins, instead of breasts.

If you recall, The List of 2011 goals had me learning 5 new recipes that were edible.  I'll chalk this up to #1!


  1. HAHAHAHAHA...oh Claire. I am dying. I am so much like you--I can boil pasta. That's about it. and I hate creeps me out.

    This looks so delicious, though! I have a houseguest this week, which means I have to pretend I can cook and crap like that. I'm a little scared. So, I'm off to check out this recipe in hopes that I can actually tackle something that isn't a boxed cake mix... :)

  2. It looks great!!

    Okay- only 4 more to go!! :)

  3. It looks like a delicious success!! Here's to another one in your future!

  4. Claire -- I am with you soul sister! I avoid cooking meat because I am terrified of burning it and then having to serve it to my husband (who would be so nice about it that I would probably start crying/ whining about being a failure). :)

    Am glad hubs seemed to love it!


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