Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wedding Week: The Ceremony

Courtney and Byron's wedding ceremony was beautiful.  It was simple and heartfelt, and their vows had me weeping.  I was trying to sniff in as quietly as possible (ie: NOT possible) and I sure hope the photographer didn't catch me in the I-hope-my-mascara-isn't-running-down-my-face swipe and sniff routine.  

Ok, wow, I promise I didn't think this wedding was all about me, contrary to the way it sounds....

Anyway, Tony gets all the credit here.  I threatened him with his life that his one duty during the ceremony was to play sous photographer, since I was occupied.  He did not disappoint.  

Rehearsing (we take our imaginary bouquet-holding duties very seriously):

Here is where the ceremony was held - tucked into the dunes between our house and the water:

Byron's parents

The handsome groom (being a trooper in his sweltering suit!)

The weather was perfect!!  Just the right amount of clouds.


Lyla was chattering away during the ceremony, making us laugh through our tears.  One of her favorite phrases right now is "no no no" - not the best phrase for her to be babbling during the vows.  I don't think she meant to object.  :)

They included Lyla in the ceremony, giving her a special locket after they exchanged rings.

They did a shell ceremony at the end - we all grabbed a shell and headed down to the water, casting in our shells along with a wish for the new couple.  I love that!

Congrats, Mr. & Mrs. Hamilton!

Beachfront photos tomorrow.  The light was perfect!  I was literally scampering around, taking photos over the real photographer's shoulder. Ha!


  1. Gah!!! Darn it, Claire, that made me cry, too!! :)

    It was the sweet locket that got me. :) Also, I loved the intimate group and the location is beyond gorgeous. Your sis totally did this thing right!

    And p.s. That dress looks fabulous on you!!

  2. SO SO gorgeous! I love how simple yet stunning the setting, the aisle, everything is. And Lyla's dress? Is that monogrammed? I request a close-up! So cute.


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