Monday, September 19, 2011

Photos & Fruit

I recently accomplished not one, but TWO things on my 2011 List.  It's quite the accomplishment.  Mostly because I've done so poorly on my little list this year.  These two mark only 10 crossed off out of 50.  Life gets in the way, ya know?  I've still got 3 1/2 months to redeem myself...

One off the list is highly important, the other is totally fluff.  But I'm sharing them both anyway.

First, # 34.  "Back up my photos somewhere"

I've been panicking recently, worried our computer will crash and I will lose everything.  I surely do not want to rely on poor quality Facebook pics of my most treasured moments.  That, and despite antivirus software, windows covered in Chinese characters keep popping up when I'm online... not a good sign.

So we caved and purchased a gigantic external hard drive.  Ok, in actuality it's really tiny, but it holds 500 GB, so I'm happy.  No more lamenting over the space my photos are taking up on our computer.  Everything will be safely backed up.  

It's funny that I still remember the first memory card I got for my first digital camera.  It was only 256 megabites, and cost about $40.  Ha!  How times have changed.  

The great thing about the hard drive we got (a Seagate), is that it comes with software that automatically backs things up as they change or get added, keeping you from having to remember to transfer files.  My kind of lazy-person safeguard.

Time will tell how it holds up, but so far, so good.

Second, #23.  "Try a new piece of random fruit from the farmer's market"

I'm not very adventurous in the fruit department.  I think I'm the only person on the planet who doesn't like real oranges.  It's always the texture, not the flavor, that bothers me.  

The farmers market we sometimes go to is the Your Dekalb Farmers Market up towards Atlanta.  It's an everyday, permanent kind of market, serving the very diverse population that makes up Atlanta.  So they have tons of veggies and fruits I have never heard of in my life.  Many spiny, fuzzy, multicolored oddities.  

For fear of eating something that would somehow kill me from an unknown allergy, I took it easy when selecting the fruit I would eat for the list. 

I went with a dinosaur pluot.  I figured it got bonus points for having "dinosaur" in it's name.  That, and I spent waaay too long figuring out how to pronounce "plout." (it's ploo-OTT, btw).  Maybe these are common fruits elsewhere, but I had never seen them.  So it was deemed adventurous enough for the list.   It's a plum and an apricot mixed together. 

I liked it!  Sweet and softish, but not too soft or too sour.  Try one! 


  1. I FINALLY backed up all of my photos (onto an external hard drive) too!!

    Feels good, doesn't it??


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