Thursday, September 15, 2011


In all of my homework/student teaching/classes madness, I didn't have a chance to share what I did over Labor Day.  

Have I mentioned I LOVE having guests?  Too infrequently do we have visitors in our home.  Sure, we only have a horribly lumpy, maddeningly wobbly full-sized bed and a rock-solid single bed to offer, so I can see why people are hesitant to come.  But when they do, I love it.  I love playing hostess.  Someday we will have a big house and lots of friends and family nearby and I will "entertain" ....

This past long weekend, my mom, Grammy, Courtney, and Lyla came to visit (girls weekend!). I’m always eager to find fun things for us to do, so I decided we should take a visit to Serenbe. Serenbe is a community about thirty minutes from Peachtree City that is as beautiful as its name. People live there, but it’s a fun place for visitors to spend a nearly-fall Saturday morning. 

Serenbe has homes, restaurants, shops, and a farm, and the entire community looks like it has sprung right off the pages of Southern Living (I wish I had gotten more photos of these, but it felt a little stalkerish). On Saturday mornings in season they have a farmer’s market, and we found ourselves buying fresh bread and fragrant flowers, handmade jewelry and soup. 

Children laughed and played in the grass, residents stopped to chat with friends, and the warm sun peeked through the trees that surrounded the property. It was a delightful way to spend a morning.  And you know I took a bazillion pictures of Lyla...

I’m a sucker for the details, and camera in hand, I captured the beautiful architecture, Southern storefront facades, fragrant flowers speckled with butterflies, and even the eclectic streetlamps. We ducked in and out of little boutique shops and caught a whiff of fresh pastries wafting out of the Blue Eyed Daisy Bakeshop. 

We drooled over restaurant menus that boasted of dishes made with ingredients grown right there on Serenbe’s farm. I walked the tree-lined sidewalks, taking in decorative details and envious front porches, pushing Lyla in her stroller as she chattered away in the sunshine. 

Serenbe invites a laid-back atmosphere, people milling around with no specific purpose in mind. Conversation, beauty, and relaxation were the rules for the day. It was a morning meant to take it easy, and so we did.

If you're near the Atlanta area, I would recommend checking it out some time on a lazy Saturday.  It's also beautiful at Christmas.


  1. I have been wanting to visit there but it is a little too far from us from Gwinnett County. Hopefully soon we will get to go!

  2. We love love Serenbe. Next time you're there stop in The Hil and get a cinnamon roll. You won't be sorry :)

  3. Those buildings are stunning!!! I'd love to live in one! :)


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