Friday, September 16, 2011


Yesterday, I talked about my family's visit over Labor Day and our trip to Serenbe.  I took more pictures that weekend, although not at Serenbe, so for the sake of honesty I didn't want to put them in that post, but still wanted to share... (whew, run on sentence)

Also, my brother in law's birthday happened recently, and we had the wonderful opportunity to see them and our niece Ava.  So consider this a NP (Niece Post).  Or PHNP (Photo Heavy Niece Post).

Four generations :)

artsy, ha!

What ya makin' me sit in this rusty chair for?

Seconds before an official meltdown :)

The whole fam (Tony's side)

Little reader

Making a video for her great grandma

I warned her there wasn't much money in it, no need to try to walk off with it :)


  1. Ava is too cute!! Love the pics with the lantana- seriously can't get enough of this flower- would it be appropriate to fill my entire backyard with it?!? :)

  2. Is there anything greater than being an aunt?! Seriously.

    Your Tony looks pretty cute holding a little one... :)

  3. Aww... your family looks so sweet and happy!!


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