Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vlog: A Weirder Word Than Blog

Hi all!  I wanted to get in on all the vlogging action that was going on last week - so here's mine.  It's my first self-video, so don't hate.

Things you might notice:

  • Angles.  Never shoot from below.  Forgot that when I made this. 
    • [looks like I have pointy  vampire teeth... kinda do.....]
  • I inappropriately yell "hey yall!" in there
  • I inadvertantly mock those who say 'buggy'
  • I couldn't find the stop button.
Get your popcorn ready...


  1. So cute! My husband grew up in PTC and he doesn't have much of a "traditional" Southern accent either. He's a pro at busting it out when he wants someone to do something for him though!

  2. You are so stinkin' cute! And, I'm pretty sure you do NOT look one bit like you have vampire teeth!

    I giggled that you waited a week until you were "presentable"...that's totally what I did with my second vlog! I think 6 out of 7 days of the week I look like a total slouch. I mean, when you're a've got no one to impress, right? :)

    Anyway, I loved getting to see your face and hear your voice!

  3. I LOVE it!!! :) You're so cute! :) I'm so proud of you! I'm too lazy to spruce myself up to do the vlog. Blogger of the Year award, right here! :)

  4. Positively adorable! So funny how almost every question we answered differently, but I wouldn't say that you sound stereotypically southern to me.

  5. Love being able to hear your voice! You are so charming with your (not quite) Southern accent. I'll have to do one of these soon too! Finally able to hear your voice! :)

  6. How nice to finally meet you!!

    You are pretttty gutsy my friend. I cannot say the same for myself.

    You're so CUTE too!

  7. I agree with the consensus that you're so ca-uuuute! Your little southern accent is perfect on the scale of different yet not twangy (nails on a chalkboard for me). And seriously, what's with the buggies? Ha! I do think it's kind of a cute word though. I might start saying it.


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