Thursday, September 22, 2011

Warm Fuzzies

I'm elbow deep in some educational research reading right now, but felt like I should pop in to say hello to my loyal thousands. :)

Warm fuzzies for the day:  Today was my last day at the elementary school for student teaching.  When I was leaving, they all swarmed around me for a 25 person hug.  A long one.  Like, couldn't get them off of me long.

Glad they liked me :) 

It's off to a middle school on Monday.  8th grade.  Wish me luck.


  1. Hello and happy first day of fall!! Oh I loved teaching- I did a fellowship my first year of grad school where I helped teach science/math in a 6th grade classroom- it was so much fun. Frustrating at times for sure, but in the end so rewarding. That's so sweet you got a 25 person hug- awwww. I hope 8th grade is just as nice for you!

  2. Love this :).

    Ooooh- 8th graders. GOOOOOD LUCK.

    (kidding- it's a great age, and their still pretty sweet)

  3. Of course they love you. There's no way they couldn't.

    Happy Autumn, friend!

  4. God speed with the 8th grade ;)



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