Monday, October 17, 2011

Fall - On the Inside

Well, it sure doesn't feel like fall around here, but that's no surprise.  Each year I am frustrated anew by the lack of cool, cozy temps.  With only a few exceptions, we go from HOT to COLD before I've even realized what's happening.

Nonetheless, our house is ready for fall.  I have a pumpkin fetish, true story.

The fun frame wreath my sister made for me last year.

See that fun sign?

My DIY dollar store wreath from last year has held up well

I owe this inspiration 110% to Emily of Imperfect.  She posted this two years ago, and I was in love.  I finally got around to copying her this year.   It's simply a leftover piece of baseboard, paint, stickers, and mod podge.  And it's oh so true.

Now, if only the weather would get the hint.  Claire wants to wear a sweatshirt, is that too much to ask??


  1. Love the witch is in sign. Super cute! And, your whole house looks so cozy. great job!

    And you just need to come visit us in the fall time. It's FREEZING here. So cold.

  2. Torrie wants to wear one of her gazillion scarves that she continues to purchase (despite the fact that she lives in southern CA and doesn't have much of a fall... or winter)!!


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