Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sketti Skwash!

Or, spaghetti squash, if you must.

We decided to venture into the world of autumnal vegetables this week.  The good ol' spaghetti squash.  Giant. Strange. Delicious.

Using this pinned recipe as inspiration, Tony whipped us up a nice seasonal meal.  Basically he cooked it as the recipe indicates, heating it up in a skillet with oil, garlic, a little butter, and some parsley.  But not one to stick with recipes (he's quite creative in the kitchen, have I mentioned that??), he had to add some stuff.  He'd smoked a few chicken breasts the day before (you could just grill some, or bake some, or whatevs) and added that in, along with green peppers and a spoonful of pesto sauce.  Heat it all up and mix away.

What's best about the SS, is that you can pretend it's pasta.  Just crunchy, al dente-ish pasta.  But guess what?  YOU'RE EATING VEGETABLES OMG!  Best of both worlds.

So if someone's into seasonal squashes, simmer up a spaghetti squash sometime.  [squash alliteration]


  1. Its on the menu for us this weekend.

  2. Sounds super simple (a little alliteration for ya :)).

  3. That looks absolutely delicious!! I've seen lots of recipes using spaghetti squash in normal spaghetti, but not in something like this. I've gotta give it a try!


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