Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What to Paint??

Hello lovely ladies of blogland, I need your advice!

My mom gave us this little dresser.  I'm not sure if she painted it or it came that way, but it's quite cute with it's green and black stripes and natural wood top. The only problem is it's currently living in our bedroom, and it's far from meshing with our decor.  We're glad to have the extra drawer space (since our closet is tiny!), but it needs to do a better job of fitting in.  It needs a good paint job.

The question is, how??

Here's our room, with the outcast.

Our other dresser is crisp white, and we have blues and browns predominately in the room.  In a perfect world, I'd redo this room entirely, but that's not an option.  So instead, how can I make this dresser work?

Should I 

  • paint it solid white to match the other dresser? 
  • paint it a complementary cream?
  • paint it an accent color?  like navy or plum? or something else?
  • paint it white, but re-stain the top a dark brown, and make it two-tone?

Any opinions?  Your help is greatly appreciated! 


  1. I vote two-tone. I think it will look awesome!

  2. I think mom painted it cause I feel like it used to be blue. Or Caitlin did it cause it was in her closet. Before I even read your options I was thinking def purple. A plum but not to dark. I think a white would look too much like a bedroom set and an accent color will pop and look good against Michelle's picture. Excited to see what you come up with!

  3. I vote two-toned with white and wood top, too.

  4. White with dark top! I'm usually not one for darker furniture...but I feel like the dark top with the creamy white bottom would be really, really sweet. Not too light or too dark, and it would mesh perfectly with your space!

  5. How would you do the two-tone? I like the idea of maybe doing a gradual light to dark. Keeping the top dark is the way to go for sure. If you keep it dark, just make sure it goes with that light blue. Good luck! :)

  6. I also vote two-toned also. I think it would look great in your room.

  7. 2 Tone! 2 Tone! Do it! I love the look of the dark top, white bottom...who did that recently? Bower Power? Anyway, it will totally fit right into your room.

  8. I vote all white... or... do you need a bit of bling in that room?

  9. I love the two toned idea!! Dark top, white bottom. Then it won't be super match-y match-y with your other dresser, but still tie in with the room. Plus then you could change things up in that room one day down the line and it would still fit in. And the dark top would tie in your floors. Fun fun!! :)

  10. Totally two toned. I would do white basecoat and then do a cool stencil on the drawer faces-maybe a criss cross pattern that mimics your blue, or brown? You could do that easily with painters tape :) Good luck!
    I am vising from Newly Woodwards-I saw you won the cards! wooohoooo

  11. I say red. :) Or plum, which would look nice. You keeping those awesome knobs or switching?


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