Monday, February 13, 2012


I'm a pathetic blogger, I know.  Here's an update on what has been keeping me too busy to blog... (alternate title:  Claire Whining)

- Well, obviously the most important update as you saw on Saturday - we're having a girl!!  I'm so excited, and luckily, all of my plans and daydreaming all centered around a girl by default, so I can actually move forward with those plans!

- Student teaching is going great!! I have a fabulous mentor teacher at a fabulous school!  I'm there full time, just like the real teachers, so I really get to see what it's like.  I can't wait to be a real teacher with a real classroom and real kids!

- I go to class two nights a week - an hour drive directly from leaving the middle school to downtown Atl, 2 1/2 hr class, then back on the road to drive home.  Those are long days that make for swollen ankles.

- I've been having a rough month or so as my nausea is still going strong (ugh) coupled with a sharp pain that developed below my bottom right rib.  Turns out that's where your gallbladder is and pregnancy hormones frequently cause mayhem down there.  A blood test and an upper body ultrasound later, turns out I have gallbladder sludge.  Sounds lovely, right?  Basically there's not much to be done, and luckily it isn't gallstones that would require surgery while pregnant, so that's a huge relief.  It's just pain to endure for a while.  Oh well, I guess you're worth it baby girl :)

- I feel so bad for our poor nutrient-deprived baby girl.  Vegetables and meat are still a major turn off, so I'm trying to sneak in fruit and other healthy things here and there.  Currently liking the Odwalla protein monster drinks that are strawberry and vanilla flavored - go down a little easier than ground beef.

- I keep saying that my only craving so far has been "not eating" - but I think it's changed to cheese sandwiches from Schlotzsky's.  OMG so good.  Yes, just cheese and bread, but so delicious.

- I hope to post about my nursery ideas soon.  I'm definitely doing a heather gray type wall color, possibly with wide horizontal stripes on one wall (darker or lighter gray).  The accent color will either be coral or a yellow/turquoise combo.  Not sure.  But either way, shall be pretty - check out my pinterest board for my inspiration photos so far:

- I miss you all!  I've been reading your blogs on my phone and making comments in my head - maybe one day I will commit them to actual typing :)


  1. Gallbladder sludge? That sounds horrific! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. I need to get on that "not eating" craving kick. Maybe a good ol fashioned stomach virus would do the trick.

    I'm excited for the nursery! I think coral would be so fabulous. I need to go look at your pinterest board. Obvs I see them when you pin but it's a whole other story seeing them in one place.

    Meanwhile, comments in your head! Yes! I know that feeling. I was doing that for awhile but when I really felt out of the loop, I had to make an effort to go back and leave those comments. You've been one of my consistent commenters for awhile and I know you're busy so whenever you get to it is fine with me :) I was just curious to see if anyone else was noticing the same thing or what.

  3. Ugh, hope you feel better soon and the nausea eases!

    I love your pinterest board for the baby! THe colors are super cute & bright & fresh. Even though we aren't expecting, I'm in love with paper lantern mobiles too and plan to do one in our someday nursery, even if it's not for 10 years and way out of style by then.

    I bought a bunch of paper lanterns for my hubby's 30th bday party last year and found some really good prices from They had decent shipping and good prices on individual lanterns. Just wanted to pass along that idea!

    Congrats again on the baby! :) Hope your next few months are much more enjoyable and that gallbladder sludge clears up!

  4. Yep, when you have a sludge in gallbladder, it's about time you undergo surgery just to get rid of the nagging pain.


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