Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Nursery in Transition

Thanks to the amazing help from some wonderful friends and family, we have the bare bones of a nursery.  I'm so happy with it so far, and I can't wait to add the decorative details that will make it bright and colorful! Despite the sunshine today, I still can't get a good picture of the color - it looks too dark in most of these pictures.  But you get the idea...

I'll put a list of where I got everything at the end, in case you're interested...

The room is a mix of purchased stuff, work with what you've got stuff, and a lot of compromise.  The room isn't huge (12x12) and all of the walls but one are obscured by either doors or windows, so this was the arrangement that ultimately worked.  I also wanted to be sure there was lots of floor space to play on, since our living room isn't as conducive to play time as I would like, so I plan on using this room for more than sleep.

I was dead-set on getting a used dresser, repainting it in a fun color, and being proud of my DIY-ness.  But seriously, from the first weeks of my pregnancy, there has not been a dresser to be found in a 30 mile radius.  Not on craigslist, not at the thrift stores, nowhere.  And before I was pregnant, I swear I saw them everywhere!  I scoured the internet and stores for weeks, but ultimately gave up and went the Ikea route.  I'm actually really happy with it, since the drawers are very deep and it is functionally large without taking up the whole room.

I'm in love with the crib.  It was the first thing I picked out and I knew exactly what I wanted.  (the pink sheet is temporary)

The chair is not my favorite part of the room looks-wise, but it's super comfy.  We searched forever for an affordable glider that was modern and matched the look I was going for, but to no avail.  This was the best we could find.  The thing is a bit large, but the arm rests are just right and the back is tall enough to support your neck.  Once baby gets here I will let you know how it holds up for feedings.

My biggest regret is that it is brown - in my gray nursery.  We got the chair at Babies R Us (mostly because I could actually try it out in store - something that's not an option with online versions) and because this was the color they had at their warehouse, we were able to save on $100 shipping costs and were able to use a 20% off coupon since it was not going to be a "custom" color.  I'm willing to compromise on color for almost $200 in savings.  Plus, it will probably hide spit up better than the whiter one I wanted.

I know some people debate the need for a glider, but I really wanted one.  We don't have many seating options in our house, and again I want to use the nursery for play time, reading time, feedings, etc - so I wanted a nice place to sit.

Gratuitous picture of Roxy.  She knows this is where all the squeaky toys and stuffed animals and tiny clothes are hidden - and she just can't wait to carry them around in her mouth (to my dismay...).

This corner is tbd. 

The curtains are another compromise.  I dreamed of Etsy handmade curtains, or even crafting some myself (despite my inability to sew), but after looking at costs for fabric, these just made more sense.  They are also blackout ones, which helps in this room, the brightest in our house.

Tony got this little chair at the consignment sale where he scored all these clothes.  I love it!

So, obviously there is much more to be done in here.  Here's a sample of what I've got planned to take this room up a notch:

So many more projects to come (ie: blog fodder!).

Here's what's in there so far with prices (since that kinda thing is always fascinating to me when I read about others' rooms):

  • Paint:  Glidden's Misty Moonstone color in Behr Paint/Primer in one Zero VOC Low odor - $24/gallon (x2)
  • Crib: Babyletto Mercer in white - a generous gift from my parents - on sale for $350
  • Glider:  Newco Taylor swivel glider - a generous gift from Tony's parents - originally $429 but we used a 20% off coupon
  • Dresser:  Ikea Hemnes 3 Drawer - on sale for $179
  • Curtains: Eclipse Bailey Thermaback - $15.99 (x3)
  • Rocking chair:  Consignment sale - $12
  • Toy tub:  Target beverage tub - $12
  • Changing pad, crib mattress - donated by my mom (barely used when she babysat my niece when she was a baby)
  • Tiny table - donated by Tony's parents - a garage sale find for $5!

So, not as thrifty as I would ideally have liked, but sometimes the thrift stores don't cooperate.  I plan to DIY most of the decor, so stay tuned (I know you are on pins and needles...)   ;)


  1. I love your crib and the wall color is perfect. It's funny, our nurseries have almost the exact same layout in terms of windows & doors, but yours is 2 feet bigger on each side and boy do those extra 2 feet make a difference! It's going to be fabulous Claire - love the turquoise curtains and can't wait to see what you do above the crib!

  2. I love where this is going! It's looking great. I think you are overthinking the chair, because I think it looks really nice. (And clearly, it's all about what I think, right?) And it looks comfy. I'm anxious to see if we end up going with a glider after all. We have the rocker from me and my brother's nursery, which I like, but it's definitely not plush and padded like yours. But, I'm giving it a try.

    Also - HUGE fan of your dresser. It's such a classic looking piece and looks great with your crib.

    Great work so far! I love the teal curtains.

  3. i think it looks really nice... and will continue to look even better as you 'take it up a notch' :)... love the color of the curtains (i know what you mean in terms of not exactly matching the vision in your head, but really- the color makes the entire room pop, and it leaves a little more room for patterns/details to shine through elsewhere in the room). aren't gliders crazy-expensive???

    (so worth it... but jeeez!)

  4. I am loving the colors so far! That tealy blue is gorgeous! It's definitely starting to come together!

  5. Looks good so far! And the black stars really gave me the feel of a completed room. ;) Can't wait to see the finished room!


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