Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Nursery Progress

hahahahahhahahahahahaha.  The title is a joke.  There has been no progress. :(

But there will be!  One day....

I was so busy this spring that we kept putting off any nursery project until I was done with school.  I just didn't have the time or the brain space to do that and homework, and I knew I would have all this free time once I was done.

But I have to be honest - it majorly stresses me out.  I know the baby isn't going to come out expecting a magazine-quality nursery to lounge in.  I know she will not care if the curtains are perfect or if there are enough pops of color.  But I want it to be justright.  And so instead of actually doing anything I'm apparently now incapable of getting my act together.  

This is what the room looks like.  

Scary, right? Ok, well technically I've cleaned it up a bit since this photo, but nothing is arranged or assembled or coiffed.  I have time now officially, but it's like I don't know where to start - it's the opposite of nesting - it's fear of nesting.  I just need to do something to get started.

Here's a polyvore board that I clumsily put together of what I have in mind.


The walls are going to be that lighter gray color swatch from the photo (I couldn't get it into polyvore...).  The furniture will mostly be white, but I am going to use turquoise and bright yellow to bring in some color, with other bright colors (like green and pink) free to enter into the picture at any time.

Some of this is definite.  Some is just a guess.  Obviously we already have the crib, and we actually have the dresser and glider, but they are still in the garage in boxes (sad, yes).  The yellow triangle is the sheet we are getting, which is currently on back order but should be here by the end of May.  I got the turquoise metal tub already (for stuffed animals, probably).  I technically have those curtains but not sure if I like them or not.  And there are plenty of other accents/accessories that will be added (I just don't know what they are yet!). Basically it's hard to tell if I will even like all of this once it's actually in the room.

Here's the (tentative) gameplan:

  • Clear out the room and paint
  • Assemble furniture, see how much room is left
  • Create shelving for closet
  • Curtain it up
  • Figure out accessories
  • Fill with baby things
  • Fill with baby.
I'll update as we actually make progress with a few more details.


  1. ohmygosh, CLAIRE!!! I LOVE the inspiration!!!! (bright colors? me? surely not! haha...) I have drooled over pretty much every single thing in your mood board and very seriously considered using them in my nursery. Pretty much the only reason I didn't end up using everything in your mood board was because I got other stuff for free as hand-me-downs. ;) You have AMAZING taste. :) (is that vain to say?) No worries! You have time! It's going to be SO GREAT!!!!!

  2. I love your inspiration. I can't wait to see it finished. I totally get about wanting the room to be just right. I was the same way with Liv. In fact, when talking about TTC with #2, Tom said "and this time we won't have to worry about the nursery". I quickly corrected him. That baby might not sleep in there right away, but they are coming home to finished room, just like Liv did. ;)

  3. I have NO doubt (from seeing all of your home improvement/decorating posts) that you will make that room shine. You're creative and talented, and once you get started- you'll be on a total roll. =)

  4. This room is going to be fabulous! I totally undestand how you feel about being overwhelmed, though! I felt and still feel the same way. But, you have a crib and lots of love for that little girl so that's really all you need, right? That's what I keep telling myself! Because, lordy, I still have a lot of things I'd like to do. In fact, I'm making a list of what needs done in the next 6 weeks tonight! It's going on the fridge and I'm holding us to it!

  5. PS - I really like the pops of teal. And the crib and dresser are too cool!

  6. You are gonna have one amazing nursery! I love the colors you've chosen and the pretty white crib. Can't wait to see the final product!!

  7. I'm really enjoying the mood board! Looks like you have lots of happy inspiration! Also, don't feel bad. I only got my nursery together about 2 weeks ago... And I just had the baby!

  8. Claire, I love the nursery ideas! So much fun to break free of the "traditional" mold! One bit of advice, either get blackout shades or curtains, they are a must for getting a baby to sleep while it's light outside.

  9. Time for an update with pics. ;)


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