Thursday, May 31, 2012

This Pregnancy Brought to You by the Letter "P"

No Sugar Added Strawberry, Tangerine & Raspberry

As in Popsicle.  OMG.

So it's a bajillion degrees here, as it is in many places, and I have rediscovered a food I gave up on long ago - popsicles.

I always equated eating popsicles with touching chalk.  I'm weird enough that it's not just chalk on a chalkboard that makes me cringe, it's just touching chalk that's enough to do me in.  Popsicles were the same way on my teeth - ick.  Give me a bowl of ice cream over that any day.

But I was so wrong!  They are the best!!  Especially when you are huge and sweaty from the inside out and just want something fruity. And I discovered these fruit bars that are really tasty and don't get that slimy stickiness that some others do.  They are only 25 calories!  I can eat six in one sitting and not feel guilty! Even the ones that aren't the 'no sugar added' aren't even that bad for you.  I would rather eat one of these than ice cream now - so not like me! 

This is what will get baby and I through the next 8 weeks.  And this is how you can tell I've gone totally crazy - writing an ode to popsicles.


  1. I may need to try those. I've been on a steady diet of frozen yogurt for the past few months, but I need to switch it up.

  2. Yumm- popsicles ARE the best. Especially now in this hot hot hot Georgia heat :)

  3. lol--6 in one sitting...not that you'd ever do that, right? ;)

  4. So we spent GOBS of money saving up for and then going on that Disneyworld trip last October. We specifically planned it for Epcot's Food and Wine Festival. And then I ended up being 6 weeks pregnant and EVERYTHING made me want to vomit. So the food that made me happiest the entire time we were there? The $3 tricolored popsicles. Yup. ;)


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