Monday, June 11, 2012

Photo Roundup

As a follow-up to my last post, we took a ton of pictures before my baby shower in Knoxville.  Something about having everyone looking decent at the same time necessitates taking pictures with every combination of people possible.  Tony was just glad he didn't have to be in them, only behind the camera.  

Seriously, we took a lot.  And it just seems arrogant because, of course, I'm in them all.  Well, really, I guess it's the baby who is the main attraction.  I'm just the carrier :)

My sister Courtney 

My Grammy

And mom now!

Adding in my Aunt Patty and sister Caitlin

Dad had to get in one!

My bff JoBeth

Family friends Jane and Elaine

JoBeth and Adrienne - love them!

And a few funny ones were taken too:

Who knows.

They got caught eating the food before the guests arrived.
It was a wonderful day and we had so much fun!  Not to mention, baby got lots and lots of goodies!  I finally got it all put away - just in time to have another shower this past weekend!  Talk about feeling blessed and overwhelmed at the same time!

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  1. You look FABULOUS in that pink dress!! :):)


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