Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

I bring you a (probably welcome) relief from endless baby shower pictures to share some random thoughts floating through my head today.

  • We're in a weird holding-pattern kind of place right now.  I'm 34 weeks today, which means theoretically we still have 6 weeks to go before baby.  Yet Tony and I both had the idea of these past baby showers in our head as so far away and now that they have come and gone, it's like - ok, so this is really gonna happen soon, huh?  Technically we have all of the stuff we "need" (or I think we do, at least!).  Her nursery is more or less done, with the exception of wall art and other decor.  The tiny clothes have been washed and put away.  We have diapers at the ready.  My hospital bag is packed and my out-of-town parents have been sent directions on where to go, day or night (ha! yes, I'm that crazy!).  I'm by no means "ready" for her to come - I want her to stay in there as long as she needs!  But allegedly, we are "ready" should she come any time.  That's scary.  And awesome.  Mostly scary.

  • I'm taking two online classes, both of which are over the week before my due date.  In the past, online classes have always been easy-peasy, requiring very minimal effort to get an A.  Yet these two I'm taking are pretty time-consuming.  Not hard, necessarily, but taking up more of my time than expected.  I still have newborn books to read!  I'm spending much more time than I would like with my textbooks.  That, and I have twice-daily panic attacks that she will come early and I will be writing out chapter summaries with a newborn strapped to my chest.  Not ideal.  If it happens, I can do it (I think....), but I really really really hope I can get these classes done before she comes.  Not that this panic is motivating me to get ahead or anything...

  • Our stinking computer died yesterday.  It was showing NO signs of distress before, yet it just wouldn't turn on at all yesterday.  Apparently it's the motherboard.  Luckily it's not the hard drive, and I think everything I had on there is safe.  I also backed up my stuff a few weeks ago, but if it weren't for my laziness in taking photos off my camera after I download them, I would be worried those last few weeks would be gone.  Either way, I'm working from our less-than-awesome laptop, and I can't really access my edited photos from last weekend for a while.  You will have to wait a bit to be subjected to more baby shower awesomeness!  Moral of the story - back up your photos for peace of mind!

  • I've given up on jeans, even maternity ones.  Yoga pants or skirts it is.  And makeup.  Given up on that too :)


  1. You are waaaay more prepared than I am! I guess I should start packing my bag :)

  2. I totally felt the same way. Crazy that it sneaks up on you. But then Katherine was late and I couldn't WAIT for her to get out of my belly. I wasn't content either way. It either felt way too early or very overdue. ;)


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