Thursday, August 30, 2012


Signs you need to get yourself back into real life and get a hobby post baby:

-You are actually beginning to find Hoda and Kathy Lee funny instead of just crazy.
-You know the theme songs for all of those companies who give you money for your annuity or structured settlement.
-You have permanent butt indentions in "your" spot on the couch
- Leaving the house to go to the doctor is something to look forward to

Ok, so maybe it's just that I watch too much tv...


  1. "I have a structured settlement, but I NEED CASH NOW! Call JG Wentworth! 877-CASH-NOW! 877-CASH-NOW!"

    haha... I feel ya. ;)

  2. Oh, girl. Oh, girl. I feel you on this and I didn't even have a baby. I am dying over here in Kuwait and am certain my butt-spot on the couch will never, ever be re-fluffed.

    Amen to getting excited about the doctor. I leave the house once a week to go to the grocery store. I bounce off the walls on grocery day, like I'm getting out of prison or something.

    Sad fact: I miss those ridiculously American annuity commercials.


    Should you find a suitable hobby, or way to pry yourself away from the let me know. ;)

  3. I've also been wondering if it's acceptable to start drinking at 10 AM with Kathy Lee and Hoda...

  4. Very nice post Claire! I'm happy I came across your blog while reading articles on how to sell your structured settlement. I feel like we have all had days like this, thank you for sharing this with us!


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