Thursday, September 27, 2012

Yum Yum

We ate out a lot when I was pregnant. Somehow, smells elsewhere were a lot more tolerable than ones in our own home. Strangely enough, going out isn't really in the cards right now. Why?

1. Babies are money zappers
2. Babies are not very good dinner companions at any restaurant that doesn't feature a drive thru

So, luckily, as I've bragged about so often on here, Tony is an excellent cook and likes to do it. I am terrible at cooking and never try it.  However, after so many nights in, we were both getting a little tired of the usuals. When Tony found out how much he liked the Pinterest app on the iPad, we were set. We've had fresh recipes for dinner for a few weeks now, and I wanted to share some of the highlights.

I didn't photograph any of them because, seriously, food looks gross if you don't know how to stage it right.  Also, I was too busy eating as fast as I can, my new hobby.  I swear Harper can sense when food is hot and begins crying right then.  I've also been known to eat while nursing, resulting in taquito crumbs found later in the folds under Harper's double chin...sorry baby...

You should know Tony never actually follows a recipe, so I can't vouch for these exactly.  But the overall idea stands.  These were all hits:

Tamale Pie (he halved the chicken and added in finely chopped veggies instead) - a new fave and portable to take to friends.  Also good for leftovers

Sweet and Sour Baked Chicken - soooo good and healthier than takeout

Baked Chicken Taquitos - not bad for baked!  Pretty easy too!  We did easy bean/cheese ones for lunch the next day too

Coconut Lime Chicken - a good mix of flavors we should use more often

Hawaiian Turkey Burgers - mmm grilled pineapple.  Good with veggie kabobs

I'll keep pinning ones he tries and we like on my Eat board :)


  1. i don't know if you read monday's post or not (that was SO not a "passive hint" btw!! :)), but OMG... i (after a few months away) have reentered the world of pinterest, and serioooouuusly- this past weekend was a culinary feast... thanks to all of those pinners out there. and not complex meals by any means! in fact, just the opposite- which is what i LOVE about it! real meals made by REAL people. i was able to use up so many random ingredients that i already had on hand and wanted to use up! love it. and i love that he is using it (and benefiting from it) too!

    on my way to look further into those recipe links :).

  2. I love that Tony used Pinterest to get these. I will try some now that you can say that taste good. :)


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