Friday, October 5, 2012

So Big

I've been sharing these weekly photos on the Baby Harper tab, but this one is super cute so I wanted to post it here :)

Also, who are these two different babies??

She was still so yellow in that first one!  And I love how she's lounging in the other one.  This was like two weeks ago, but still.  Also - the outtakes are not so hot.  Poor baby, this is her life from now on - being forced to take photos...

Maybe by 3 months she will be more propable?

Happy weekend friends!


  1. Is't it CRAZY the difference between 1 and 2 months???
    Love the baby outtake. ;) They're TOTALLY more probable at 3 months.

    Am I reading your twitter feed right?? (I'm not a twitter-er, so I just saw it in your side bar) - your POOR BABY! That's terrible, Claire!!

  2. Maybe she'll be more propable. Henry stil doesn't like to be propped. Little stinker. She is so cute and she's doing so well.


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