Saturday, January 26, 2013

Avocado Adventures

Little Baby Harper Kate (LBHK as we like to call her...) turned 6 months old yesterday!!!  She celebrated by developing her first little cold (stuffy nose, mostly) and eating her first real food.  I'm still nursing, but now we get to add the fun stuff to her diet!  Because I have the time and need a project, I'm going to make her food, at least for a while.  

For a variety of reasons, we skipped the rice cereal stage and went straight for the green stuff:  avocado, thoroughly smushed.

At first she was all...
Wait, what's happening?  Where are the toys?
 Then she was all...
Oh look at me!

I need to add on to these chins
 Then it was...
Um.... mom?

OH! It's food! I love eating!
 But then it was all...
Wait this is weird.
Final verdict - she liked it!

She maybe ate about a real-person spoonful or so. (I froze the rest of the avocado in ice cube trays for later)

At this stage, baby feeding is fun.  I want to try all kinds of things and feed her all of the time.  I'm doing neither, for obvious reasons.  We will take it slow, but I can't wait until she's eating what we eat.

[Each month I write a letter to her - full of irrelevant detail, mostly for my own memories.  I will probably share her 6m one here - along with more pictures!  (When I actually write it...)  I feel like my "omgmykidisamazinglookatallofthesepictures" has dropped significantly here on the blog and that's not ok.]

Anyone have any baby food making advice or sites they want to share?  Right now it's pretty basic, but still!


  1. eeee!!! real food! We give K anything and everything (except honey). It's fun, it's easy, and the recent food allergy data suggests the more foods the merrier (ie: less allergic). woot!

  2. Freezing in ice cube trays is the way to go! I made my sort of thick-ish so I could thin them with water and, if I used them later, they would have a thicker consistency. We never did plain cereals, but I used them to thicken purees I had made if I accidentally thinned them too much.

    If you want to make your own baby food with meats, go for it. There are a lot of good recipes out there, but my child wouldn't touch the ones I made. So, I would recommend making a very little at a time. If you haven't looked at yet, you should! They have lots of good combo ideas and ideas for finger foods as well. I also liked recipes from It's not a baby food blog, but she posted what she made for her daughter, and I liked several of the ideas she posted for C as he got older. Scroll down to the tags to find her baby food ideas/recipes!

  3. Super Baby Food is an amazing book on making your own baby food. It's also a crazy overwhelming book that will make you feel totally take it with a grain of salt :) It tells you which foods freeze well, which ones you should cook first, how long they last...etc. I have a copy you can borrow :)


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