Monday, January 7, 2013

Clean Calendar

From the time that Harper was born in late July, it seemed like the rest of our 2012 was filled up.  There were weddings and trips and doctor appointments (oh! the doctor appointments!).  Add to that holidays and holiday planning and shopping. The fact that I hit my personal insurance max due to baby-having meant that I was maxing out my (free!) doctor visits for myself - I went the the dermatologist, I went to the chiropractor weekly, I got my eye exam and a cavity filled.  

We were busy.

Now it's January and my planner is blissfully empty.  Harper's ortho appointments are now only every three months, the regular pediatrician visits are less frequent, and I can no longer afford to go to the doctor (just kidding, kinda...).

It's awesome, yet a little daunting.  Ok, now what do we do with our time?  What I've discovered so far about being a SAHM, is that the day seems to fly by.  We live our life in 3.5 hour increments (Harper does really well on a schedule).  By the time one round is over it's time to go to the next.  She eats, we play and clean and do lots of things - we all get out to run errands or grab dinner sometimes when Tony gets home from work - we are busy.  Yet the day goes by and then it's the next one and then it's been a week and then it's been a month.  And I wonder what I've been doing with my time.

Yet there is something about January's fresh start status.  Christmas decor comes down and the house feels more open and airy.  I can see my house and our lives with fresh perspective, and the projects are already bubbling over in my mind.  I've already moved around the furniture in our bedroom to mix it up.  I'm organizing Harper's clothes and toys.  The deep clean comes next.  We are going to enjoy some quality time as a family while we have so much of it.

Fresh start, clean calendar.

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  1. YES on all counts... the days DO fly by as a SAHM, and i DO wonder what i've been doing with my time... and i am also so motivated to have some downtime with my family and am totally ready to start organizing and spring (early) cleaning... before life gets "busy" once again! :)


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