Friday, January 4, 2013

Proof We Celebrated Christmas

[Because if you don't blog about it, it didn't happen, right?...]

Christmas:  It happened.  It was wonderful.  Here are the pictures.  :)

Christmas Eve at Tony's parents' house with Jon, Jennifer, and Ava

"Christmas Ava" - as she was calling herself.  Such a cutie.

My little crazy-haired tartan-wearing baby

Good thing they make Christmas bibs...  Also, I need to stop trying to use my baby as a shield against photos of my double chins...

Papou Claus

Santa looks terrified.

Our first nephew is due in May!!  Hooray!  

And to all a good night!


On to Tennessee on Christmas Day with my family:

I love this one.

She kept saying "I need to dress up now."
I ate some food.  Tony photographed it.  I was happy.

Cousins! Harper looks obese.

My dad built Lyla the YHL dollhouse, complete with Olivia's family and all.  It's super cute.
Well, we managed one good family photo.  Harper is doing what she does best.

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  1. Harper looking "obese" cracks me up -- she is too cute -- and the perfect size :)


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