Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drywall Dust

Well, we finally made some progress on our little kitchen DIY (we're opening up the doorway between our living room and kitchen).  We got derailed by a snow storm in Tennessee that forced my parents to delay their trip to come help us, but it finally got done (well, started!) two weekends ago.  

The difference is amazing.  I haven't taken any good shots yet, and technically it's still in-progress, but here are some action shots.

Things a baby doesn't nap through: reciprocating saw usage.

Who knew cutting a wall out was relatively easy?

We also took advantage of my dad's presence to put in 4 can lights in our living room to help brighten it up a bit (it's so dark with just the fan light).

Sawing the ceiling yay!

Tony crawling through attic insulation.
Yay extra room!!

It was a mess.  My mom and I were supervisors.  Since the cabinet previously sat over some time, and the new opening came out further, some new tile work was in order.  

Summary of the work thus far:  dusty.

Real pictures to come!

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