Thursday, February 28, 2013

Harper's Colorful Nursery: An Update - Plus LMWL W2!

I recently realized that the last time I shared a picture of Harper's nursery, it was a week before she was born (see it here along with all of the details).  It's evolved a lot since then, so I wanted to share updated pictures.  Mostly, it's changed with our needs and become more colorful.

Much better, no?

See that awesome bunting above the windows?  My friend Kacy made it for our shower, and I finally managed to put it up!  I love how colorful it is, and it's the first thing you see when you walk in.

My Ikea frames got upgraded.  Originally, they were silver.  Not sure what I was thinking - perhaps thinking they would match the gray curtain rod?  Either way, I decided they didn't fit in with the look of the room, so I sprayed them white.  I had planned on putting pictures of Harper in these after she was born, but the weeks slipped by and I never did it, and then she was old enough to where it just seemed weird to have pictures of her as a tiny baby when she was a moving, smiling, growing girl.  (The little frames on the shelf hold those kinds of pictures instead). 

So instead I just swapped out the teal paper with three somewhat coordinating pieces of scrapbook paper.  I love the look and the bold color it brings to that big wall.

Much more suited to this room!

Her shelf even got a little painted makeover.  I knew the cube bookshelf was a little plain, and so I finally got around to painting the front edge of it a fun purple.  It's funny, I set out to make this room teal and yellow, but pink and purple ended up sneaking their way into the room somehow, so it fit right in.  Turns out, I love the theme of just any color!

I'm still not in love with everything on there, but it works for now.

The toy boxes are relatively new.  

Well, really, I've had them for a long time.  In fact, I bought these storage boxes and others before anything else in the nursery.  I knew I wanted teal and fell in love with them (see it here).  I'd say all of those bins I got were one of the best things for this room.  I have redone those bins so many times as our needs evolved.  The bibs alone have moved from a bin in the closet to a bin in the dresser to the cube by the door.  The bins are mostly in the closet, but since these are cute enough, they have come out of hiding and provide easy toy corralling   We play in her room a lot, so this allows for easy access and easy clean up.

Can I just say... I love the glider.

I was not in love with it at first, thinking it was frumpy and didn't really match.  But man, is it comfortable.  I have spent many, many hours in this chair since that first complaining post about it, and I want to buy it an apology dinner.  I nursed Harper every single night in this, and many times during the day, and I was so grateful to have a comfy spot to sit during those weeks of multiple night feedings (so long ago, it seems!).  I still sit here for her dream feed each night.  I read her a bedtime story in this chair and sing her songs.  It has endured many spit up attacks and shows no signs.  It has yet to let me down.

The table got flipflopped based on use and the book bin is now there for easy access.

Her dresser area hasn't changed much.  I still love it for it's spaciousness, and the little purple bin works well for holding everything I need, from diapers and wipes to lotion, sanitizer, and diaper cream.  And see that awesome painting???  Tony's mom painted that for us.  I love it!  Harper has always loved looking at the color contrast on it, too.  

The lantern mobile has always been a big hit too.  It's my secret weapon when she gets fussy - I just bat at it and she watches it move.  (She tends to get fussy when I put clothes on her - this kid loves to be naked.  I wish it were summer!)
 I am still SO glad we removed teh door in favor of a curtain.  I sort of just did it because it seemed to be the trendy thing to do, but it's been so helpful.  I usually leave the curtain slightly open, and I can just toss dirty clothes/bibs/burp cloths into it easy from anywhere in the room.  I have also been known to keep one hand on Harper's head while she's on the changing pad and reach the rest of my body into the closet for more diapers or wipes.  This would be more difficult with a door I had to open and close constantly. 

Now, her closet was where this week's Live More With Less, courtesy of Emily at Imperfect, really came in.  While I do keep her room pretty organized and clean, the closet hadn't been really worked on in a few months.  And any mom of a baby knows how quickly things change in baby-closet world.  

7 Weeks to a Clean Home

I didn't take any before pictures, but imagine a pile of clothes on the floor that she had outgrown, disorganized bins, and wasted floor space.

I made a designated bin for Too Small clothes (aka - not the floor) and went through her 9 month box and got out those, since she's on her way out of 6 month stuff (I get so so so sad each time I do this!).

I rearranged so some bigger items, like the lion and dino toys and the bumbo seat, could have a place when I wanted them off the floor in her room. 

Her dresser also got a nice straightening and organizing.  It was much needed.

I also vacuumed and dusted. Woo!


So there you have it.  A nursery, evolved.  I love this space and am so glad I've given it some extra attention this week.


  1. It is SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love the colors you've added. And I can totally relate to the sneaking in of pink... I was so against a pink nursery when I was pregnant... now I'm finding ways to sneak it in. ;)
    That bunting? ADORABLE. You have a good friend. :)
    And I totally pinned your changing pad cover for future reference. So cute. :)

  2. And... sorry, but I can't find it in the link... I'm sure it's me, not you. ;) Where did you get those fabulous teal zig-zag bins?

    1. thanks sarah!! the pad cover is Zutano from Target online, and the bins are from Target too.

  3. I love it!! This is so pretty- what a fun mix of colors. And it's nice that all the colors are in things you can easily change as she grows. I get sad every time I have to put away tiny clothes that don't fit any more- B is *almost* in 6mo outfits already (he'll be 3mo tomorrow) and I remember when they looked HUGE compared to his newborn stuff. Wow.

    1. thanks emily! isn't it crazy how fast they grow???

  4. Looks great! I love all the colors against the white. It looks so happy and playful!

  5. claire... you are so creative and inspiring!!

    every time i read these before/after posts on your blog, i want to immediately go out and spray paint something!!


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