Friday, February 22, 2013

Time Warp

When I have something that needs to be done, I do the sensible thing:  procrastinate and do everything else but that thing that needs doing.  This is especially true of anything that needs doing "at the desk" - meaning, I will be on Pinterest and Facebook and organizing stationary - not doing that one thing.  Today it came in the form of staring at my photo screen saver and seeing this gem - and then deciding it needed blogging about.

For some reason, I think I've put this on the blog before... but here it is again.  

1. Nice braid and jean shorts.  And good thing I tucked that oversized tshirt in.
2. Computer games!  For the win!
3. Mom's Glamour Shot.
4. Fax machine!
5. Corded phone!
6.  Huuuge computer with accompanying joystick for said computer games.

Thank you, October 2, 1995.

[this makes me realize I need to remember to take pictures of everyday life - it will be worth the laugh a few decades from now]

[also - Hi Grandma!]

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  1. Dude. We so could have been twins in 1995. WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO US, Early 1990's???


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