Monday, March 11, 2013

New at the Zoo

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Random updates, inspired by iPhone pics:

- I have spring fever - bad.  This weekend it was in the high 60s/70s and sunny, and now I just want to throw all of my sweaters in the attic and trade my boots for flipflops.  The trees are all blooming here, bulbs are coming up, and you can just sense winter lifting.

Our peach tree blooming (and out of focus)

$1 wheat grass from the farmer's market
- Harper is growing like crazy!  I swear she had a growth spurt this week (but without the night waking that we experienced during previous spurts- yay!).  Her clothes are all of the sudden too small and we had to raise her bouncer and exersaucer to the higher levels.  I'm officially retiring the 6m clothes in favor of 9m.  For some reason, this was just as hard as putting away the newborn stuff.  But it had to be done.  I picked her up from the church nursery yesterday and her little jeans were unbuttoned and unzipped, with her fat little belly rolling over.  The volunteer told me it was probably time to retire those.  I swear they fit that morning when I first put them on her!!
She's big enough to ride in the baskets now! Yay!

Graduating to the big girl stroller too! 

- Harper is also in Habit Breaking Boot Camp Day 1.  She sucks on her first two fingers on her left hand constantly.  I'm ok with this, since she won't take a pacifier, and it certainly helps her self-soothe and go to sleep so easily (she's still sleeping 11.5 at night, with two 2 hr naps and a catnap in the evening!! woot!).  So I'm not out to make her quit that.  However, from the time when she first started eating solids she started sucking on her fingers while she eats.  Like, she will pull them out for a bite then jam them right back in.  It's ridiculous.  She uses them to help her swallow.  I'm pretty sure this is not ideal.  Also, it makes a royal mess.  But when I try to hold them down, she cries and acts like she's choking (she's not.), and eventually the other hand goes in.  Since I don't have two hands for holding her down and an extra for feeding, I have to be creative.  Today we started by putting a sock on her hand.  It's making her so mad during feeding but I don't know what else to do.  I hate that it's teaching her not to use her hands, since I want her to learn to feed herself (she's definitely not there yet with the dexterity!), but perhaps I can break this habit and then start fresh...?

Bad habits.

But she's so cute while doing it!

Sock hand!

Angry, smearing sock hand green beans all over her face.
- We've been trying to eat healthy, replacing a lot of meat with veggies, beans, etc. I've been doing well on my daily activity too. It feels pretty good!

Sweet potato, kale, chicken sausage soup - so good!
(from a mag but kinda like this recipe)
- We signed Harper up for swim lessons for May! Tony's parents have a pool that I know we will be at often this summer, so I want to get her used to it all. Also, I didn't learn to swim until middle school, and birthday pool parties were my nightmare. Harper will be a swimmer! The only problem... I have to be in there too, requiring a bathing suit. Ugh!

- We have an appt tomorrow with the orthopedist - can't wait to see if her foot is still doing well and if we can reduce her time in the brace to nights only!


  1. Let her eat with her fingers in her mouth-she will grow out of it, I promise:)

  2. Hey girl- it was so nice to meet ya'll as well!! Let me know where you guys are doing swim lessons, I need to do the same thing for my kiddos :)

    1. Hi! We are doing it at the Kedron one - will let you know how it goes

  3. We did swim lessons with Lucy and Annie very young and I'm so glad we did!

  4. Her THIGHS! My word! I love the rolls! My mother would be so jealous. My babies don't get that chunky and she loves rolly babies!!

    She's beautiful. All of that dark hair!


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